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You like this guy but you dont know if he likes you back what should you do?



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ok...i wrote this i still need help... we hav been friends for 3 yrs. i dont want to tell him that i like him cuz if i do im afraid tht it will hurt our friendship. i nvr can get him out of my mind. and ppl say bad things bout him and i nvr c those bad things ppl say bout him tho. can you give me more help plz!!! <3

Tell him you like him.

Yeah tell him you like him and just be like look ive liked you 4 the past 3 years...and all those rude things that people say about you i dont believe them, and if this is going to hurt our friendship i rather just have you know but still be friends....and if that doesnt work goooooooood luck!!! :)

Give him hints flirt alot and dont get him weirded out and trust me he might flirt back who know.

Under any circumstances do not tell him as i did this, and he tried to take advantage of it and now we don't talk anymore.