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If you live in California, then you need to transfer the registration to California and pay the taxes there. Visit your local dmv with the title and they will tell you what needs to be done.

2008-03-10 03:38:48
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Q: You live in California but your car is registered in Chicago How those the taxes work for the buyer Do they pay California or Illinois taxes?
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Should Californian business owner charge a buyer from Chicago sales tax for an item that will be resold in Chicago and the buyer do not have a valid seller's permit?

If the sale is via the internet and the California seller has no Illinois location, then no, you don't need to charge Illinois sales tax. You'll need to consult California tax law to know whether to charge him California tax, but probably don't need to charge it either. If the sale is in person in California, then yes, you should charge him California sales tax. If the sale is via the phone you could probably get away with calling it an internet sale and skip the tax, although it depends more on California tax law than Illinois tax law.

Can the co-buyer of a vehicle registered it?


When did Henry Ford sell his first model a car?

The First Model A sold by Henry Ford was on July 23, 1903; the buyer was Dr. Ernst Pfenning of Chicago, Illinois.

How much is a uncut diamond that is registered worth?

If the uncut diamond is 'registered' it must have been registered for a reason. Its value may be part of this registration process, or not. Any diamond, cut or uncut, is worth whatever a buyer will pay for it.

How much should an ounce of marijuana cost in California?

Whatever the seller can get or the buyer will pay.

What options does a buyer have if the co buyer has possession of the car and both are listed as the registered owners?

Well, if you take possession of the car, you cant be charged with stealing your own car so, a civil suit would be the next choice.

Is it legal to privately sell a car registered in FL in another state and would the buyer have to pay FL taxes or in their state?

Yes it is legal. You can sell the car in any state. The taxes will be paid in the state that the buyer registers the car in.

I sold a vehicle and gave a bill of sale can I cancel the sale?

If you and the buyer are in agreement, then certainly. You would give the money back, and the buyer would give back the vehicle and the bill of sale. However, if the new owner has already registered it with the DMV, then the sale is completed and the vehicle has changed ownership. If the buyer still owes you money, and you didn't put a lien on the title, you would have to take the buyer to court.

Can you return a car within 72 hours in California?

A buyer cannot return a car within 72 hours of purchase in California, as the Lemon laws do not apply. The 72 hour cooling off period does not exist unless the buyer acquires a contract cancellation option.

When one is putting a car for sale who should take care of car registration?

When you are selling a car, it is the buyer's responsibility to get the car registered. The seller should sign the title over to the buyer and the buyer is then responsible to take it to the license bureau for further action.

Is the buyer or seller responsible for title insurance?

Here in California, it is a matter of local custom. In Southern California, typically the seller agrees to purchase the owners policy for the buyer, the buyer supplies the title insurance for the lender. In Northern California, the buyer typically pays for both policies. It is, however, a matter that is covered in the contract between the seller and buyer and is negotiable, as is everything else. All closing costs can be negotiated as part of the sales contract. Who pays for title insurance varies from state to state based on local custom, but can be negotiated between the buyer and seller as part of the sales contract. There are no laws providing for either party to be required to pay. In the case where the seller has elected to pay title expenses, the buyer needs to make sure that the Lender has approved those fees to be paid by the seller. Some types of mortgages require that the buyer/borrower have a certain amount of funds available for the closing fees and may "cap" what fees can or cannot be paid by the seller in behalf of the buyer.

What is the average wage for a fashion buyer?

The fashion buyer makes between 75,000 and 93,000 dollars a year. New York and California buyers make more than other states in the U.S.

Is the buyer or seller responsible to smog a car if the car is sold from California but buyer is from Iowa and will be registering it in Iowa?

What do you mean smog a car? If car is sold "as is", buyer is responsible for all mandatory smog control equipment. If you mean pass a smog inspection, there are none in Iowa.

How do you sell a liquor license in California?

To sell a Liquor License in California the licensee must find a qualified buyer. The Buyer must have a premise to place the license and money to fund escrow. It is illegal to transfer a Liquor License without opening an escrow. The Buyer must be diligent and complete an application to be submitted to the ABC. The most DIFFICULT part of selling a Liquor License is finding a qualified buyer who is serious. If you are having trouble locating a buyer contact a Broker who has clients throughout California. Larger Firms that have offices with Brokers and Proccessors can get your deal done quicker and for a better price because of their connections to Major clients who are willing to pay top dollar.

Is a German MG 81 A Class III weapon or a curio and relic?

Both. It is a C&R weapon that requires a BATFE transfer if it was registered prior to May 1986. If it was not registered, It is a Pre 86 dealers sample and can not be owned by civillians. If you hold a C&R license, you can transfer a registered MG81 directly to you as a out of state buyer.

Browning 380 serial number 71n04255 who is it registered too?

This is not public information. Contrary to public opinion, most guns are not "registered" Certain cities or States require a local registration. Background checks are now mandatory, but it is the buyer that is being checked. This gun was made in 1971 and sold when only the Dealer was required to have the buyer fill out a form that the Dealer kept for a certain number of years. Who knows if the gun was registered or not in a certain city or state. Law Enforcement agencies can track only so much.

How do you sell a car registered in Arizona in California?

You can sell your car, which is registered in Arizona, everywhere if you choose online way selling. Find any car auctions, better public auto auctions and place your car for selling and let the bids grow. you have chances to sell your car for more money and seconds: you can deliver your car everywhere or to ask the buyer pick up your car from Arizona. Good Luck in your selling process!

Who is egor an investor in Chicago real estate?

I checked Cook County recorder of deeds and found no buyer by the name of Egor buying Chicago real estate. He may be hiding behind an LLC. Do you have the name of his corporation?

Where does my dad sign on an Illinois auto title to transfer vehicle ownership to me He would sign under seller and I under buyer right?

Yes, he will sign under Seller and you will sign under Buyer. Some states require a notary public to witness and notarize the signatures, If it is so in Illinois, it would be best to wait to sign in front of the notary public, If notarization is not required, it's ok to sign and then transfer the title. If you are not a car dealer, you sign on the front of the title (in Illinois) in the area under "assignment of title".

Can you return a used car in California?

One can return a used car in California. This is if a used car buyer has obtained a two-day contract cancellation option, and the used car is advertised as certified.

I am going to take lessons on how to sell notes in California. I would become the liaison between the buyer and seller bringing them together. Do I have to be a Broker to do this in California Thank you!?

Yes you will need a license

What is the repossession law in California for private sellers?

If the buyer has not paid they technically have not bought the item up for repossession. Go get that SH*T

What is difference between the actual buyers and potential buyers?

actual buyer is that which is actual buyer and potential buyer is that which is potential buyer..............

What is the value of a 1998 Turner Cup North Chicago Wolves mans ring with 17 diamonds?

The value will be whatever the buyer is willing to pay for this ring.

If there is a buyer and co-buyer and the buyer does not want the auto can the co-buyer take over the loan because the buyer gets all the credit?

The co-buyer should contact the LENDER and ask to have the buyer removed from the loan. Nothing can be done legally without the LENDERS approval.