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No matter where you are, it is impossible to set up Radio or TV station. 'Legal' is implied. For many reasons ranging from national security to losing viewership and revenues, Governments play havoc with the applicant. Pirate radio and TV is an off shoot of this difficulty, but then it isn't legal. It may not be in the interest of your motive to do so. Nothing on the air is a secret and various Govt. agencies will be at your door step before you know it. There is a movement going strong all over the world for "Community Radio and TV" with some change in Laws, but you still have to brave the crazy bureau-batics!

Recent Developments;

1. Today, it is easy to set up a Radio or a TV Broadcast station via the internet. since there is no Radio Frequency bandwidth , permissions are superfluous.

2. Almost all broadcasting stations are on the internet . Terms like Podcast, streaming Audio/ Video are magic words as are Satellite Radio & TV, DTH and Mobile phone communication.

Service providers may be pressurized by the Governments to block these Radio & TV contents by enforced law. This may not work too well since sophisticated download /down link technology is available easily to the common man at moderate and affordable cost. Monitoring every incident of these broadcasts and their downlink is a difficult and impossible task.

It may be prudent to allow such broadcasts as it is an easy way of keeping tabs on people and activities in an open platform. Clandestine or legal, nothing is a secret about public broadcast.

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Q: You live in a developing country that is prone to the most annoying beureaucratic proceedures imaginable but would like to set up a TV station without government?
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