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buy a new key at the dealer for about $27.

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Q: You lost the hubcap key to your 1986 cutlass how could you take off hubcaps without damaging?
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You lost the hub cap key to your 84 Delta 88 Royale The dealer factory no longer stock that item you can't tell what color it was how can you remove the hubcaps safely without damaging the hubcap?

Go to a junk yard and start looking through cars for a replacement key.

How do you remove the hubcaps on a 1992 Buick roadmaster?

Slow insert a flathead screw driver in the slot provided and push, hubcap will pop out

Is the lug-nuts what holds the hubcap on on a 1997 Chevy cavalier?

yes 3 of them hold on the factory hubcaps same on my 96 sunfire

How do you change tire on 2000 grand am?

With the stock hubcaps you will need to unscrew the plastic bolts. The hubcap actually bolts onto the lug nuts behind it.

What is a Oldsmobile cutlass hubcap key?

Very Simple. This can be one of two things used on that model car. It can be the tool used either to remove the wire wheel covers or possible used for unlocking the lug nut on wheel. ALL DONE> Brought to you by Hubcaps Unlimited www.hubcapnation

How many 1967 Mustangs were produced with the spinner mistake hubcap?

These were very rare hubcaps even when new in 1967. The Ford manufactures started to produce the spinner hubcap because of a mix up in the design. They were told to stop production immediately because the designs for the 1967 mustang was to have no spinner on the hubcap. All mustangs after the 150th produced had the non spinner hubcap which is very common today. The dealers never had replacements or reproductions because they were a scarce mistake. Even today it is extremely or even closer to impossible to find even a picture of the hubcap let alone one on a car. So that being said there was only about 600 hubcaps produced, but how many have survived to date?

What companies make custom Cadillac hub caps?

The following companies make Cadillac Hubcaps: Hubcaps, JC Whitney, Andy Auto Sport, Hubcap Zone, Cadillac Europe, Part Train, Ultimate Auto Part Store, All Cads.

What are hubcaps?

A hubcap is a cover which prevents damage to the hub or centre of a wheel. Usually found on cars they were originally made of metal, but these days they are made of light weight plastic.

How do you remove the hubcap from a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis?

1988 Grand Marquis hubcaps have a lock on them. You'll need to buy it. The center panel (with the mercury logo) comes out and you'll see a little opening that is flower shaped. That needs to turn to release the hubcap from the lugnuts.

How to remove hubcaps on 2010 hhr?

Well there are different types of hubcaps for the hhr. Some of them you just pry off but then there also are some hubcaps which have black caps that go over the lugnuts and to take those off all you have to do is take a 19mm socket and lightly twist them off just be careful because they are fragile but after you have them all loose the hubcap will pull off

How can you get a key to locking hubcaps on a 1978 Cadillac coupe Seville?

you can check with a gm dealer. When I was a parts manager for a dealership I tracked one down there should be some paint on the piec e that holds the hubcap, dealer can get one with that info.

What is the Hubcap Ranch?

the hubcap ranch is in Pope Valley California. it is owned by Mike Damonte(my father) but the real landlord is Midge Damonte, his father. the hubcap ranch was started by Litto Damonte the first when he came from Italy as a marble, and cement smith. he one day found a hubcap on the road outside of his ranch. he descided to hang it on the fence so that when the car came back, they would find it. eventually they didnt come back, and more people lost their hubcaps on that swervey old dirt road, and eventually there where more hubcaps on the fence. people thought that he pourposely put them up there and that he planned to put more up. they would come and bring him hubcaps, or hang them on the fence as they went by.then when he figured out what people were doing, he started himself. the hubcap ranch is full of folk art and animals, and now there are at the very least a good number more than 2,300, and over the past years we've seen many people like the show Bay Area Back Roads, Gordon Huethor a Napa Valley artist whose mailbox stands on the way in(he also did a big project in Napa which involved many hubcaps), Deane Dillan, and many others. if you are interested in going here our address is 6654 Pope Valley Road, Pope Valley, California. if you want to mail, mail it to P.O. box 174, Pope Valley CA. 94567. remember if the front gate is closed no one is home. Once at the Hubcap Ranch, ask for Litto(me) and if I'm not there, ask for Mike.

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