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Earn back her trust, be kind, send flowers,

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Why is the word love used so loosely now a days?

children dont know how stong of a word "love" is now a days!!!!!!!!

I've been chatting with this girl for a few days now and I finally saw her in person the other day. How do I get her to love me.?

You can't just make a girl love you it is something that just has to be there. But you should treat her nicely and with respect because it can help.

What percentage chance does a 12 year old girl traveling to Venezuela by herself have of getting hurt?

It's about a 45% chance. I highly recommend to avoid going now a days.

What do you do if a girl you like and know she liked you but now trys to avoid you in the hallways?

ask her why she is avoiding you

You love a girl and you think she doesnt love you what should you do now?

You get brave and ask her and if she dont love you give the girl sometime and she will come around if not move on to someone who does

If a girl loved you once and you love her now what should you do?

Tell Her

Who sings love me love me?

Justin bieber sings it now, but another girl used to sing it.

You love a girl but she cheated you but still you love her what should you do?

if she is truthful with you now and is sincere in her apology, forgive.

What do you do when as a GUY you accidentally fall in love just by accident and now your at a moment where your trying to love provide and protect a girl Now what to do to fix this natural mistake?

meet another girl or talk to your friend

How do you make a girl love me with in 10days?

Sorry to break it to you, but if a girl doesn't like you, then she doesn't like you. Chances are if she doesn't like you now, then she won't like you after ten days of you trying to act all cool in front of her. When you can act natural in front of a girl, then you know that she is right for you.

Who sings this I am rockin on the dance floor makin a scene I love you I love you baby girl now I love you and you love me?

michael franti. The song is "say hey (i love you)

You love a girl but she hate you now what do you do?

leave her alone and find someone new

In the song Fell In Love With a Girl who don't consider it cheating it now?


What does it mean if you said to your best friend who is a girl that you use to like her and she laughs and starts to laugh and say o im going now bye ill talk to you later love you?

she was probably trying to avoid the rest of the conversation

I did e with a girl and now I am falling in love what should i do if mutual but u r inexperienced?

You should forget this girl. She is out of your league.

How do you now when a girl Betta fish is hurt?

It floats upside down for 12 days.

Does Ricky from a double shot of love still have a bf?

nope now its a girl friend

How do you know when you find love?

well im a girl and i now how it feels. you loose you breath when you see them, you get butterflys, you feel like you must look your best. your wanting to hang with them and not avoid them. you want to text him/her everyday and you cant stop thinking about them.

Should someone avoid talking to a guy that really seems very interested according to the persons mother but he just started talking to another girl?

Yes you should avoid. If he was interested in talking to you,you would be in that girl place right now.

Why does a boy love a girl for five years and after five years he lives the girl before he used to love the girl so much but now his thinking about his much more close people?

Time to move on. Just be a gentleman about it.

Who should make the first move to kiss the boy or the girl?

i think the Boy but now in days i think is ok for a girl to do it tooo..

This girl is really mean to you cos you love her boyfriend and now she has turned him against you what shall you do?


How old is the girl from shark boy and lava girl?

she was born in 1993. so right now she is about 17 years old

A girl thinks i am a creep all i did was say i like her now she's calling me a pedophile what do i do?

If a girl thinks that you are a creep after proclaiming your love for her, and calls you a pedophile, simply prove her wrong by finding some other girl who would appreciate your love.

If a guy text a girl at 3 am if she has a boyfriend and after thinking 2 days she answered no and now 2 days went without the guy texting the girl back Why did he not text the girl back or phone her?

Who knows? Send him another message telling him your single