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I don't quite understand your question. Check this link for links to explanations of dual coverage. Have you read the applicable provisions in your policies?

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Q: You need information on how copays effect primary and secondary insurance If you pay your copay on primary does that off set your copay on secondary and would secondary pay remaining portion of bill?
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Will a secondary insurance pay a portion or all of a prescription that a primary insurance will only pay part of because they will only pay for a lower dosage?

In most cases a secondary insurance would compensate coverage were the primary insurance does not. Exceptions apply to the prescription drug type and coverage limitations.

What are secondary keys?

Secondary keys are the database keys that hold the physical location of a portion of a record in a database or file. They provide a secondary way of accessing the information.

Where can a person find contact information for a Lloyds Insurance agent?

A person could find contact information for a LLoyds Insurance agent by checking their website and exploring the 'contact us' portion of their website.

After what type of cataract extraction can another cataract later form?

If an extracapsular cataract extraction was performed, a secondary cataract may develop in the remaining back portion of the capsule.

What is meant by primary and secondary insurance coverage and what portion of a claim is generalyy paid by each plan?

just read the medical manager and u will find the answer!

If damages were paid by another's insurance co can I submit later and collect from my insurance co for same damages?

Only for the unpaid portion of the first insurance policy. For example, if the first policy covers 80% following a $500 deductable, you can file for the remaining 20% and the deductable on your insurance policy.

Is Prepaid insurance is an asset account?

Prepaid insurance is that amount which is paid in advance for future insurance so until actual insurance facility is availed by company it is an asset of company and if it is for short term or will be availed in current fiscal year then it is current asset otherwise a fixed asset, if some portion is usable in current fiscal year then only that portion will be current asset and remaining will be fixed asset.

How do Medicare and Kaiser insurances work together if you have both?

Kaiser insurance will be primary and pay the first portion of the bill, then any remaining outstanding balance will be sent through Medicare. Medicare will then apply it's portion of coverage (typically this should pay the entire bill) if there is still a remaining balance, this will be sent to the patient for collecting.

How do health insurance claims work?

Health Insurance claims are bills for health care services. Generally your doctor will have a medical billing specialist that taken down your insurance information. He or she will them bill or charge your insurance company for the portion they are responsible for.

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If you total your car after your insurance is canceled will GAP insurance still protect you?

NO,, GAP Insurance is supposed to pay the difference between what your Auto Policy paid and any remaining portion of your loss after the Auto Insurance Policy has paid it's maximum. If No Auto Insurance Policy is in Place providing comprehensive and collision coverage then your GAP Policy is Null and Void. GAP coverage only pays in conjunction with your Auto Insurance Policy. No Auto Insurance! No Gap Payment

If my insurance company deducts my deductible from a homeowners claim do i still pay the deductible?

Yes. The insurance company will pay their portion of the claim which does not include the deductible because that is your portion .

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What is portion of the physical examination that provides information by hearing?

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If you have caused an accident which type of automobile insurance would cover damage to your own car?

The collision portion of your Auto Insurance Policy would pay for damages to your own auto when you are the at fault party. The liability portion of your auto insurance pays for damages you cause to another party Insurance Plus

The innermost portion of the cell wall in a woody cell?

secondary cell wall

Where is primary jet and secondary jet in 4k carburetor?

The are on the left portion of the carburetor.

What type of insurance covers a water main break upstairs that floods the downstairs portion of a house?

homeowners insurance

Primary and secondary health insurance?

You could have two insurance companies pay the same medical bill or claim for a date of service through a process of subrogation where the first insurance company determined by the effective date of coverage will pay their portion of the bill and the second insurance company will pay the balance. This process is called coordination of benefits. Secondary medical insurance is a second level of insurance coverage. Under most circumstances, the two policies are independent of each other. One policy may pay for a service while the other may not. The primary policy must pay first, then the secondary. The choice of which policy is primary or secondary is established by a shared rule between insurance companies. It is not the policy holder's choice. Examples of Primary/Secondary coverage: A husband and wife both work and carry the medical insurance offered by their respective employers. The husband adds his wife to his policy. The wife adds her husband to her policy. Under most circumstances, the husband's plan would be his primary policy and his wife's plan would be his secondary policy. In like manner, the wife's plan would be her primary policy and her husband's plan would be her secondary policy. Secondary insurance should not be confused with supplemental insurance. Supplemental policies usually abide by the primary insurance guidelines. If the primary allows the charge, the supplemental will allow the charge. Most supplemental policies cover the charges you would normally pay out of pocket. For example: A Medicare supplemental policy would cover the 20% coinsurance left over after Medicare pays 80% of the allowed amount.

Will health insurance cover the cost of a stair lift?

Most health insurance providers will cover a portion (and only a portion; don't count on much better than half) of the cost of a stair lift.

Where can I found out about medicare bariatric surgery?

If you are on Medicare, a portion of the costs of bariatric surgery and related care may be covered, but only if you are obese. You can find more information on

Is it legal for a dental insurance company to deny coverage as a secondary provider?

Yes, it can be and no it may not be. You did not give enough information for a determination. Usually, the primary carrier pays their maximum, then the secondary carrier pays some or all of the portion of the procedure that is left BUT not more than the claim itself or more than they would have paid if their contract was primary. Here are some reasons why it could be legitimate to deny your claim. You could have hit the limits of the secondary policy. There could be a provision in the secondary policy that it does not cover the procedure that you had or that says it does not pay anything if it is secondary. The latter is somewhat unusual but worth checking for. Did you ask the carrier why they denied it? If they do not point to a specific provision in your contract, ask them to. If they do not, your state Insurance Department should have a consumer representative that you can ask for help in determining whether it was legitimate for them to deny coverage.

Where can I find more information about cost for braces?

The first place to start is with your insurance company if you have dental insurance. Most companies cover a portion of the cost. There is no "one set price" for braces, it's based on the area you're in and the Orthodontist you choose to go to for them.