You paid to get a flu shot a month ago Now your work is giving these for free Should you get a second flu shot?

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No, not if it is the same exact vaccine, there are no benefits to receiving the same shot twice when you are an adult (children need to get flu vaccines in a series of two vaccinations if they are under 10).

Talk to your employer, in situations like this, some employers will give the free flu shot to a spouse or other family member if you ask, or if they can't give it to your household member free, sometimes they will offer it for a discount. This is especially true if they anticipate having left over vaccine after all employees who want the shot have taken theirs.
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If you have the flu will the flu shot work?

Yes and that is important since you can not be certain that the type of flu you have is the same as the one the vaccine is for. As long as you are free of high fevers it would

If you have the flu already will a flu shot work?

The flu shots are to prevent the flu, not to treat the flu. It will not be necessary to get a flu shot after you have had the flu, if you know what type of flu you had for

Got flu shot 2 weeks ago now I have the flu is it H1N1?

Without a test there is no way to know for sure. It can take a couple of weeks for full immunity to develop after a flu shot, so it could be that it is seasonal flu, too. Th

What angle do you give flu shot?

This depends on the length of the needle you are using, the location chosen for the shot, and the size of the person being injected. Flu vaccine is given as an IM (intramusc

Should you get the flu shot first or the Swine Flu shot?

In the US in the 2010-2011 flu season: The seasonal flu shot will include the vaccine for H1N1/09, so you won't need a separate shot for the swine flu this year, and you will

Can the flu shot give you a stomach flu?

No. The "stomach flu" is not actually a type of influenza, it is a misnomer. There is currently no vaccine for the virus that does cause this gastroenteritis (usually a norovi

Where do they give the Swine Flu shot?

The injection is usually given intramuscularly (in the muscle) of the upper arm in adults and in the thigh in small children and infants over 6 months (no vaccinations can be

If you get the shot does the shot give you the H1N1 flu?

No, the whole point of a vaccine is to protect us from the virus; boosting our immunity. The flu vaccine is made with either "dead" (inactivated) or "weak" (attenuated) vir

Does the US government give free flu shots?

The A-H1N1/09 "Swine Flu" shots and nasal spray are being provided by the US government without charge. If the vaccination is being given by a private provider (your doctor, a

Should you aspirate when giving a flu shot?

It is typical to gently aspirate before injecting solutions into muscle to be sure the needle is not in a vein. Since flu vaccines are given IM (intra-muscularly) then it is u

Can you give a horse with the flu a flu shot?

In general, no - most veterinarians will not vaccinate a horsewith a fever because the immune system typically doesn't react aswell to the vaccine. It is usually better to wai
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How do they give you the nasal shot for the flu?

The nasal forms of the flu vaccines are used as an aerosol mist that you sniff, there is no shot or needle involved. They squirt it up your nose, and then the stuff goes dow
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How do you give a flu shot in the butt?

You really should have formal training in this before attempting it. One reason is that in giving an injection in the buttocks, you must be very aware of the anatomy and locat
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How long after the flu should you get the flu shot?

You shouldn't. You already had that strain of the flu. You cannot get that strain anymore, so a flu shot would be pointless. Unless, of course, it's a shot for a different str
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Where can one get a free flu shot?

Many clinics, doctors, and even pharmacies will offer free flu shots. Checking with one's local pharmacy may be the fastest way to obtain a free flu shots. Often times, chil