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You received speeding ticket in NJ with the NJ license what to do to beat the ticket?



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Attend traffic school - the points can be removed if you pass the course.

show up for court, if the cop doesn't case dismissed he does 90% of the time u can get the fine reduced.

The answer above isn't mine. I wouldn't write that!

You can win in court if you want to. I've done it. They cops, the DA and the judge will be shocked. They are used to fearful people. DON'T HIRE A LAWYER! Those guys are part of the system. They have to make a buck and that buck comes from YOU. No way are they going to offend the court by sticking up for your rights or by winning your case. You will get the same deal that a lawyer gets if you plead guilty and beg for mercy.

So are you ready to fight? DO IT! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!!

Did you know that in court, all of your rights can be legally violated if you don't object?

Go to and check it out. I think that is where I went. At your hearing you will not testify. Instead you will attack the evidence! If you do that, you will win. No fine! No points! You will be surprised at how disorganized & forgetful cops are.

I won over a wreckless charge. It was great!!