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If he replaced the trans with a differant trans, there is a speed sensor on the extention housing. If that is the plug that does not fit then you will have to buy a new speed sensor ,it will fit. If this is a four speed trans (604) overdrive trans then the other possability will be an input speed sensor. Make sure that the trans is from a 1991 thru 1995. And from the same size eng

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1994 Nissan altima GXE you just recently had your oil pump changed got new spark plugs new battery and oil filter now your car is stalling the speedometer is not working and there is an oil leak?

Find a different mechanic, correct plugs? Speedometer disconected at tranmission? Drain plug, filter not tight, gasket at oil pump?

What does it mean if your gas gauge and speedometer just stopped working?

this recently happened to my 2005 Monte Carol. The MECHANIC had to readjust BEHIND the dashboard. It seems all 3 gauges are connected.

What is repair cost of rebuilding an 04 f-150 transmission?

Recently my replacement transmission was $2300. Recently my replacement transmission was $2300.

What is the average cost of repairing automatic transmission for 2004 Ford Explorer?

we recently replaced our transmission on a 2002 explorer for $2400

What oil goes in 2003 laser?

I am a mechanic and have recently found lawnmower oil works quite well in Ford Lasers.

How often should the transmission fluid in an automatic 1992 Mazda protege dx be changed?

I'm not an expert on this subject, but I had a mechanic recently tell me that your transmission fluid should be flushed every 30,000 miles. Good transmission fluid should be a semi-transparent pinkish color. If you notice that it is discolored, dark, or has dark particles in it it probably needs to be flushed. You can always add fluid if there is room but this will only temporarily fix the problem since your transmission cycles the fluid and reuses it. Hope this helps! Chris

What is the average cost to rpair a 1997 mercury grand marquis transmission?

I have just recently got my transmission repaired along with the gear ratios recalibrated for $900

What Transmission fluid for 1990 Ford Ranger 5 speed 4 x4 2.9 engine?

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger XLT 5 speed 4x4 2.9L standard transmission. I recently had this question and this is what my manual says: For 1988 and on Mitsubishi transmission use SAE 80W transmission fluid For 1988 and on Mazda transmission use Mercon automatic transmission fluid For the transfer case '88 and on, it uses the Mercon automatic transmission fluid. The differentials use a "high grade lubricant" that is a different fluid than the transmission uses. I used Haynes. Look on page 1-2 for a list of all the lubricants and fluids and Chapter 7 for more information about the different transmissions.

Transmission fluid capacity 1998 Toyota Avalon gl?

4 bottles (quarts) of fluid. I have a 1999 XLS, & I recently changed transmission fluid. Transmission was drained with removing coolent connection etc. (complete removal). I Dexron VI can be used, instead of the original Dexron III (original fluid - again Dexron III was a cutting edge when 98 Avalon was released!). Dexron VI has many advanges over Dexron III. Consult a knowledgeable mechanic, & use the proper Dexron VI for your vehicle.

Why is the engine still ticking if I recently changed the oil?

Sounds like a loose tappet in the header, though I'm just a back yard mechanic.

How many quarts of fluid is required to change transmission fluid in a 2007 cobalt transmission?

I recently had this done and it takes about 7 quarts to change it. cost about 40 bucks at auto zone.

Isuzu rodeo automatic transmission?

I have acquired an Isuzu Rodeo 2000 4x2 model with a v6 3.2L and it only had 50,000 miles! The day after I got it the Automatic transmission died on me. i had it rebuilt and it only lasted 2 months! My mechanic suggested I go on line and find a new/used one...but have recently read on-line that the best bet is to rebuild and dump it! Is that a real suggestion...I love the car and the ride...need help? Suggestions please

What would cause 2003 Dodge RAM 1500 transmission to start shifting incorrectly . transmission and rear end recently serviced and tires replaced?

The first two things to check would be the transmission fluid level, and have it checked for codes. A lot of transmission problems will set trouble codes.

What would cause water in the transmission?

Engine coolant can enter an automatic transmission if your automobile has an integrated radiator and transmission fluid cooler, and a leak occurs in same. Many automobiles have integrated radiators / transmission coolers. Another less likely scenario is that the vehicle was recently flooded or parked in flood waters.

2003 focus transmission out dealer says gear oil was in transmission and had to have been done recently How long before gear oil ruins a transmission?

having the wrong fluid in the transmission can damage the transmission rather quickly. even performing a flush will not remove all the gear oil from the unit. At this point it will be nessisary to remove the transmission, replace the "soft" parts and clean the entire transmission. Mac's Transmissions Houston, TX

Service engine light 2000 Pontiac gran am came on what could this mean?

It can mean several hundred (yes!) different things, some very problematic, others trivial. It does mean that some mechanic somewhere is going to make a few bucks, because you are going to have to take your car there. The mechanic will hook up a scanner to read the problem code of your car's computer, which will say in what area the problem is. Then the mechanic may be able to diagnose the problem. Serious: it could be that your car has low oil pressure, which can cause major problems, or serious transmission problems. Trivial: Recently my car had a check engine light, mechanic found "EVAP" code suggesting something wrong with the fuel system. Yeah, the gas cap was a little loose (I never turn it until it clicks). Tightening cap resolved problem, but mechanic still had to undo the code. Anyway, the carmakers/mechanics have us by the short hairs. If you choose to cover the light with electrical tape you risk major damage to the car.

Why doesn't your 1999 GM Suburban transmission shift into a higher gear than 1st 2nd and reverse?

I am not a mechanic so I cannot attest to having the right answer to your problem here. However, since I just recently was suffering the same symptoms with my 99 K1500 that you are, I can tell you what the cause was in my case: The problem was the 3rd & 4th gear pack clutches were completely trashed. In fact, when we took the 60 transmission out of the vehicle, there were more than 26 different components within it that were actually broken/cracked. By the time my transmission guy completed the construction and installation of an Allison 80 (3/4 ton) tranny in the vehicle, I was out some $6K. I hope this is not the case for you but from the sound of things, its not good. Best of luck...

Does the 2008 Ford Fusion has transmission filter?

no. I have the 2008 SE fusion. and just recently had it flushed. the 2006 - 2008 fusions do not have a filter.

Where is a Catalytic converter on 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer?

I'm not a mechanic, but I have a check engine light going off in my car and the mechanic I saw recently showed me a diagram. There are 2 catalytic converters, and two oxygen sensors; 1 in the engine, and one near the end of the exhaust. Hope that helps.

Why is your 99 Mercury Cougar blowing transmission fluid out the dip stick?

You may want to check to see if the transmission line that runs underneath your battery is pinched. We recently had the same experience, and it was determined that when the battery was replaced, the transmission line was pinched because it sits directly underneath the battery.

Why wont car pass emission mechanic and emission tech suggest driving car more because you recently jumped off another car?

Your car has to perform a drive cycle in order for the self diagnostics to complete it's test. If your car had a dead battery recently or the battery was disconnected recently it won't pass emissions until it has performed a drive cycle.

Why is there a Hole in transmission with oil coming out on a 86 silverado?

Did you have a CV joint go by any chance? My halfshaft came apart recently and punched about a 2" wide hole in my transmission. Not wanting to buy a new transmission I managed to patch it with a piece of sheet metal and some JB weld. Hope this helps.

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