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the vehicle needa a new voltage regulater,this should have been checked before battery and alternator as its the cheapest part to replace

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What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 2001 Honda Accord when you already replaced the alternator?

It means something is wrong with your charging system. Can be a loose of corroded battery cable, defective alternator or a battery with a dead short.

Why alternator will not charge battery on 2005 ford focus... New alternator new battery replaced already?

Voltage regulator or loose wire.

99 astro van and it not charging?

If you have already checked the connections on the battery I would suggest testing the alternator and the battery. If the battery will not take a charge or the alternator will not give a charge you could have similar problems.

Just put a brand new battery but its already going dead?

Auto Zone will check your charging system for FREE at most stores. Have them check your alternator.

What can cause the alternator cable drawing current from the battery on a 2003 beetle. the alternator has already been changed.?

Disconnect the cable from the alternator and see if that stops the draw. If it does, the alternator may be defective. Otherwise there may be something else drawing current.

Why is the car battery charging at 14 volts running and 13.5 not running?

your alternator charges the battery while the car is running. The alternator actually puts out a higher voltage than 14 volts while it is running, but it is reduced by a voltage regulator (most of which are already built into the alternator housing), to prevent damage and premature death of the vehicles battery. While your car is not running, the alternator is not charging the battery, and the 13.5 volt reading you get is just the measurement of the voltage the battery is holding at that given point.

What is charging by conduction?

Charging an object by conduction is charging it by allowing it to come into contact with an object which already has an electric charge.

Why 92 Ford Festiva won't start but can jump it and it will start no problem as I have already replaced the battery and the alternator and battery light remains on after car is jump started?

It sounds like you have a break in the wire which connects your alternator to your battery, get it checked out.

Why wont your 2000 ford explorer alternator charge even after replaced by a new one?

Some new alternators will not charge unless the battery has a full charge already.

What is the statute of limitations on speeding tickets in New York?

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Reason a battery icon comes on a 1999 Plymouth breeze?

It could be the alternator going bad or has already gone bad or the battery could have a bad cell in it keeping it from charging. The battery cable ends may not have good connection for it to charge correctly. The hot wire to the alternator probably needs to be changed because if that wire is bad it too would keep it from charging. Last the plug that plugs in the side of the alternator (round w/ green wire and green and yellow wire) it too would keep it from charging. If it is not none of which I said that you might want to consider in a short in your wiring harness if its a short it will take time to locate it.

My Mitsubishi montero sport 98 won't start after i used and park for a while but i already replaced the battery and checked the alternator?

Check your battery post to make sure u have a good connection

How do you know you need an alternator or a battery?

It's easy to distinguish if your car has a damage alternator or battery. The first thing you do is to start your car using your old battery then, once the engine is running then remove the cable from your battery, if the car still running that means the alternator is still charging but is it enough? so you have to measure the current that is being generated by the alternator using a multi tester. If the reading from the tester can reach 13 to 14 volts then your alternator is still good. If not then the carbon brush of the alternator might need to be replace or the IC. If your car battery is already leaking then it possible that the plates are already damage, or if you have tried to charge your battery but the power is easily drained then it needs to be replace. i hope this can help ......... deep

How do you lift the Alternator and tighten when the belt is already on a 2001 Taurus?

Serpentine belt? You may have to remove to tighten alternator

You replaced the alternator on my 2000 mercury cougar and the battery light still came on so you replaced the battery and the light is still on now what do you do?

go to a auto parts store like advance auto and have them check your computer to see why it is on. they do this for free. this might give you a idea on why its on. if you havent already.

How do you repair a high pitched squeal on a 1997 blazer sound almost like locusts I already replaced tensioner ac compressor and actual serp belt?

If you have replaced all this it may not be a belt. It may be your alternator itself. These have bearings inside them and they do wear out. The only way to check is to remove the belt and spin the alternator to see if that is what is noisy. It may wobble if the bearings are bad. It should turn smoothly if not.

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Why is one headlight out but the other one works and have already replaced the bulb?

Blown fuse or wiring defect for the bulb you have already replaced. You have replaced the wrong bulb. The new bulb was defective.

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Its depending on how much of the charge you have already used.

Is AT and T charging for FaceTime?

no its totally free. It just cost about 21 dollars if its not already installed

How do you maneuver and remove the alternator from a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager with at 3.3L engine if you have already disconnected it?

You have to remove the wiper cowl assembly, and the alternator mounting brackets.

How do you charge a PlayStation 3 controller?

Charging a PlayStation 3 controller is a lot simpler than you might think it is. With a PlayStation 3 comes a cord that plugs a controller into the system. Hook it up and your controller is already charging. If it is not, one of three things is happening: 1) The cord is broken or faulty. 2) The controller is broken or faulty, or the battery needs to be replaced. 3) The system is turned off. If you address all these problems and the controller is still not charging, contact Sony.

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