You think your apt is haunted?

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You didn't give us much information to go on. Find out who the former tenants were (all of them) and find out if anyone died there. Although entities (ghosts) have never been completely proven it doesn't mean they don't exist. A friends parents had a so called ghost in their home and he kept moving the picture over their fireplace. I didn't believe it so one day our friend invited us over. Things went along well for a couple of hours and suddenly the picture was pushed off balance and just as calm as could be our friend's father said, 'Now George that will be enough of that you'll scare the guests.' With that dear old dead George put the picture back in place and that was that. I wasn't having any of it and thought my friend's parents were playing a joke on us, so I went up to the picture and looked behind it and on the sides and there was nothing there. I left the picture a little crooked and George straightened it! So who am I to argue!!

haunted houseI wouldn't stick around, there are other apartments because i get scared easily. But our house is haunted by civil war soldiers and they're friendly. so it just depends on what kind of ghosts it is. our house also makes lots of screeching and clicking and other noises but I've been weeding them out and finding the sources and now have all eliminated (as the water heaters mainly) so it might not be haunted at all. if stuff seems to move around when you have you're back turned, you probably just forgot where you put things, unless it's big then get out, I've tried this with a digital camera(our house used to scare me a lot). I'm 14 so you may not believe a word I'm saying, but i promise it's all true.
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Q: You think your apt is haunted?
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