You unable to install kaspersky antivirus in your hcl laptop with vista you are getting an error that the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installationhow to install it?

Answer Chances are that you are trying to download the software when you are using a user account other than the administrator account. With computers especially pcs there are user accounts. A user account is a profile that you use to download software, make changes and more. When you first buy a computer the default setting is administrator. Which means you can do everything. Accounts are good because they allow a person to share the use of their computer but sametime they can restrict access to sensitive files and abilities. To fix this problem go to your start menu in the bottom left of the screen and click control panel. There you will find an icon with the name User Accounts. Then click on the Administrator one. It will then show you the settings that have been enabled and you can change it from there.