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You can set a reminder on your Google calendar to remind yourself to once a week/month to click "Sent Mail" then "All" then "Select all xxx conversations in Sent Mail" and then "Delete". Kind of a pain but takes less than 30 seconds.

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How to save text messages on galaxy?

To save text messages on galaxy, download SMS Backup application which is free of cost. It syncs the text messages with your gmail account. This creates a backup of all your text messages in your email. In this way, you can also search for any particular text you want.

How to add Gmail to hotmail?

Make sure POP access is enabled for your Gmail account.Select Options | More Options in your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox.Follow the Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts link under Manage your account.Click Add an e-mail account under You can receive mail from these accounts.Type your Gmail address under E-mail address:.Enter your Gmail password under Password:.Click Next.Choose whether you want Gmail messages to appear in your default Windows Live Hotmail Inbox, in an existing or in a new folder under When mail is sent to, where do you want it to go?.Pick a color for Gmail messages under How would you like unread messages for to appear?.Click Save.

How do you organize Gmail by creating custom labels?

Gmail can create custom labels as we want. These labels are like folders in our systems. They can store messages or could be categorized.

How do text messages get sent so fast?

This is because the text messages is sent to a satellite in space then sent to the person you want to send to all of this is done in less than 5 secs.

Can you check your emails on Gmail?

Gmail is made only for that purpose. You can check all the mails sent and received. You can also manage the mails the way you want to.

How do you get a picture off an email in gmail on an iPhone?

You can easily download a picture off gmail on iPhone The down arrow is the sign of downloading. You can then save it wherever you want.

Can you save your messages to sim on nokia 6288?

Yes, you can. Go to your inbox and move the smses you want to your Saved Messages (in SIM).

On Gmail how do you make it so that all of your emails go to only you?

firstly you construct the email which you want. after that go to save and it will save your email into your drafts.

How do you get Gmail to remember your password?

Some Web Browsers will ask you do you want it to save the Password, Say yes.

How do you save messages on an LG Shine?

I have this phone, if you want to save to drafts you need to start the message, choose options then press 3 and it iwll save to drafts. If you mean to save to the SIM card, one your inbox becomes full it will automatically save the messages to the SIM card.

Where can the GMail POP3 email settings be found?

It's easy to find the Gmail POP3 settings. First, one must log into their Gmail account. Second, select the gear symbl (found in the upper right corner). Select Settings. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Choose Enable POP for all mail (or the option for mail that arrives from that moment forward). Decide what you want to do with messages after POP receives them. Click save.

How can you save Outlook Express messages?

You can archive them by going to file archive and selecting which messages you want to archive. Or you can create a folder and drop and drag them into the folder.

I want to reply to a text message how do you do that?

You go to your messages, open the one you want to reply to and then type the message you want to send to them. Then you press 'ok' and it will have sent.

I have emaile .com i want to sent emaile to some one that has gmail .com?

Yes, you can do that easily. You can send mails from Yahoo email to Gmail. These mails can be transferred across different servers.

Can you have 2 Gmail accounts?

you can have as many gmail accounts as you want

How do you get animals on Gmail?

seriously, you want your pet to have a gmail? wow.

You want to find your wifes sent text messages online how do you do that?

No it's not possible, unless you connect the phone to the computer.

How do I save pictures in my windows8 Gmail?

open the picture u got in a mail in gmail , when u will open it u will see a download sign on top right corner or left corner ,search for the symbol . click on it and it will ask u the location in which u want to save our picture, select location and click save ,and the pic is downloaded

What is the difference between MT940 and MT942?

The difference between MT940 and MT942 is when messages are sent. Both are sent to customers. MT940 sends transaction details. MT942 is messages that are requested by customers. A customer sets up what information they want and how often in this case.

How do you get your messages on your iPhone 3gs?

WONDERING HOW TO save text messages on your iPhone? All those short missives you've written are mostly ephemeral, but some of them can be important, especially if you need them as proof in a dispute. Even if the only reason you want to save your messages is just to preserve your priceless nuggets of wit, you should be able to do so.

Is there any hadees which says if you want to save your religion have relation or be in contact with a christian and if you want to save your food be near a JEW it was sent by someone please help?

Answer:No. There is no such Hadeeth. It is nonsense.

How do you change my Gmail id?

If you want to change your Gmail ID, get a new Gmail. You can't change the ID to the one you have.

Can i read messages of my husband's mobile?

Yeah if you want to be an unfaithful wife i guess , Why do you want to do this anyway ?? Just go into his messages and you will see inbox or outbox/Sent items If you think hes having a affair try talking to him , Its the best way :)

How do you save your text messages on your lg shine using bitpim?

Check it out!!! i figured out how to save your texts from your phone to your computer! for all bitpim users of 1.0.7. Import your sms, select edit, select all, go to file print! There will be a tab that says save as an HTML select your location save and then view your txt, just make sure you click on the row at the top of bitpim (where your text messages are) if you want to store them by date of message sent, phone number of bitpim puts your text in alphabetical order from the txt messages! this is my contribution to all who are always searching for answers and have a difficult time finding them! Tallcool1

How do you delete email in Gmail?

On the messages, check the tick box of the ones you want to delete, at the left hand sides of them. Then, at the top, select "Delete" This will move the messages selected to the bin. They will automatically be deleted, but if you want them gone immediately, you can click on the link to the Bin, on the far left, and use the same method to delete them permanently.