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Be honest, are you really exercising that much and eating healthily? If you are, there might be something wrong with you. Ask your doctor. Make sure you are eating lots of small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. It is good to eat protein with every meal to assist your metabolism and to help lose weight. 5 small meals throughout the day and lots of water is a good option. For example: Breakfast: Eggs and a piece of low carb fruit. Lunch: Turkey, chicken, fish, lettuce, carrot, cucumber and tomato sandwich on multigrain/wholemeal bread with an extra salad on the side. Dinner: Lean meat and lots of vegies. Snacks: Carrot and celery sticks with low fat dip (hommus or tzaiki), low carb fruit, unsalted nuts, yogurt.

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Q: You want to be thin and exercise a lot and hardly eat but your body is fighting the effort?
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What is the difference between exercise and training?

Exercise is specially of the body through action or effort. Training is the process of learning , preparation for a sport.

What is best way to get bikini body without any effort by GojiPro?

There is NO way to get a "bikini body" without some effort. People who look fit and healthy put in the work with exercise and healthy diet.

Why do people with colds get plenty of exercise?

There's no link between colds and exercise save only that the more physically fit you are by diet and exercise, the easier it is for your body to fight off infections like colds. if you are ill, even with just a cold,it's harder to exercise because the illness is debilitating. The body is putting all its efforts into fighting the infection.

What is the easiest diet?

There isn't one. Changing your eating and exercise habits in order to lose body fat is not easy. It requires effort, commitment and patience.

How does the body cool during exercise?

as you exercise, your body releases sweats and these cool your body

Which part of your body need exercise?

the body that needs exercise are the muscles in our body and our bones

What happens to body temperature after exercise?

body temperature increases after exercise

How do exercise trampolines work your body?

Utilizing a trampoline will exercise your entire body. It will strengthen your body as well. You can do an entire exercise routine while on the device.

Why does body temperature rise after exercise?

The body's temperature rises after exercise because the body is producing energy through use of muscles. Light exercise does not cause a rise in body temperature.

How does exercise affect body temperature?

as you exercise your body temperature will increase, then to help the body cool off you start to sweat.

Aerobic exercise increases the body's consumption of which of these-?

Aerobic exercise increases the body's consumption of oxygen.

How long does it take for your body to flush out alcohol?

The body does not flush out alcohol. It is metabolized by the liver at the rate of about 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol per hour. No amount of water, coffee, exercise or other effort will make it happen faster.

How does exercise lower body fat?

Exercise requires energy, and some of that energy comes from stored body fat. Regular exercise then, combined with a sensible diet, will lead to reduced body fat.

What can you infer from the fact that your heart beats faster when you exercise?

You can infer that your (healthy) heart is beating faster to compensate for the extra effort your body is making during physical exercise. Once the exercise is over, the time the heart takes to become relaxed and to return to a normal resting beat is a good indication of the state of the health of your heart.

Which cells is responsible for fighting pathogens in your body?

White Blood Cells are responsible for fighting pathogens in your body.

Why are you hot after you exercise?

The end result of energy is heat. Muscle effort and movement generates heat- that's why you shiver in the cold, to generate warmth. You do actually change the body's temperature by exercising.

What is the best exercise for the human body?

Walking is the best exercise!

Can you lose weight through exercise?

Of course exercise is the key thing it reduces the body fat and it digest your food mor quickly.When you actually do exercise and you start swet you can feel your heart beating because your body takes in your body change of exercise

How do you burn body fat with out fat burning pills?

Exercise burns fat. If you eat correctly and exercise* for 30-45 minutes a day the rest will take care of itself. *This means sustained effort not strolling around the block listening to an iPod.

What chemical does the body generate during regular exercise?

It is important to exercise in order to remain healthy. When a person does exercise their body produces the chemicals called endorphins.

Does exercise reduce high blood pressure?

Yes, exercise can reduce high blood pressure because it strengthens your heart. A stronger heart can pump blood with less effort, thereby reducing hypertension. Also, frequent exercise causes you to sweat, ridding the body of salt. This may be beneficial to people with high blood pressure.

Are aerobic exercise strengthens the heart body and lungs?

Yes, aerobic exercise strengthens the heart, body, and lungs.

Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart, body, and lungs?

Yes, aerobic exercise strengthens the heart, body, and lungs.

Can you lose weight without exercising?

Yes. You could try liposuction or weight loss surgery, but exercising together with watching what you eat is definitely the most effective way to lose weight. If you are unable to exercise, or too heavy to exercise comfortably, you can improve your eating habits and lose weight through dietary changes alone but it will require more effort. With or without exercise, losing body fat requires effort. If you are too heavy to exercise, simply begin with gentle walking for a few minutes. Try to walk a little further every day. Some exercise, even gentle exercise, will help to burn calories.

Phases of exercise?

The four phases of exercise are: warm up, stretching, conditioning and cool down. These phases are important to prepare the body and for easy recovery of the body after the exercise.