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On the dashboard lights dimmer switch - the one on the dash that's like a big computer mouse scroll-wheel - move it all the way down. That's a setting to turn off the interior lights with the door open.

From page 28 of the 2001 Owners Manual:

This control also has other features that are activated when any door is


² Rotate to full up position or next position (adjustment dial) to turn on

all interior lights.

² Rotate to first lower detent position to activate "sleeping baby mode" -

dome lamps will remain off and only the lower lamps will illuminate.

² The second lower detent position (full down) will shut off all interior


The dome lamp will not illuminate if the control switch is in the OFF

position. See "Related Questions" below for more

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Q: You want to disable the door ajar light on the mirrors turn signals on a 2001 Ford Windstar you would like to be able to leave your side doors open without having to worry about killing your battery?
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