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You want to give back your truck to GMAC but it has a bent fender What would you do?


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You need to specify if this is a lease or voluntary repo. You are going to ruin your credit for 7 years, and you are worried about a bent fender? It doesn't matter, they will sell the car anyway. After that you will still be responsible for the difference in what the car sells for and the balance on the note. Voluntary repossession is a stupid idea. Work something out with GMAC.


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That would be the bed of the truck

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Under the hood on passenger side fender well. One of the lines will go to the suction side of the fuel pump that says in and the other line will go back to the gas tank on the truck.

I'd have a body and fender man com by the house and take the right front fender off the truck along with the battery, overfill and ECM (computer). The rest you can figure out yourself as the part you are looking for is in the black plastic box on the firewall. When you finish up put in one can of freon and check for leaks. If no leaks call the guy back and have him put the fender and parts back on. I gave my guy $200 for the fender off and on. Now you have to pump the system down before you add the freon. Or just drive it up to a local AC shop and they will do it for you after you get the fender back on. The whole job cost me $345 ($200 + $145)

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on the drivers side fender under the hood just in back of the battery.

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its in the main manual. the fuse is in the eng compartment driverside plastic box next to inside of fender .in the box its towards back of the truck next to a relay .

Hi the difference in the convertible to a sedan is the back of the convertible fender is longer and will not work. If you are looking to repair rot on the bottom of a fender you can use the last five inches of the sedan fender, no more.

my work truck was repo and i retrived my truck back but my belonging are missing how can i get them back

The fender is glued on about 3 in. down on the side at top. bolts on at bottom and on the front bumper. To break the fender lose at the top and off of the inner fender well use a puddy knife and a lot of care. After you remove fender sand the bonding strips and trial fit the new fender in place. Clamp it in place and draw lines so you can install in the same place. Remove fender. Put bonding glue on the bonding strips and on the inner fender. Put the fender back in place using the lines that you drew to line it back up. Clamp in place. Bolt the bumper back to fender and at the bottom. Wipe excess bonding glue off the fender and top surround and wait to dry. Sand and prep for paint. It know where as easy as bolt off and on and paint. Its A lot of time and work. Hope this helps

I am having the same problem. My truck is leased and due to divorce I can no longer make the payments. I called GMAC and they told me to call the car dealership. I called the car dealership and the sales person in charge told me to call back because I had to make an appointment and he did not have his appointment book! I tried calling the sales person six times and was given the same answer over and over again. I asked why I had to make an appointment and was told I had to "SIGN" some papers. Sign papers for what?? I can't afford the vehicle and just want to turn the truck in! So I call GMAC again and the customer service representative tells me after 30 minutes that I have to be transferred to someone else. I just want these guys to get the car back in good condition. The truck is paid up to date but my finances are drained. Guess the only way is not to make payments and have them repo it. I was told even if I turn in the truck it will be considered a repo.

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remove grill,remove bumper,unbolt fender bracket off bumper bracket,take off splash pan in between door and fender,take out fender bolts,don't forget bolts on bottom of fender.there is a bolt under the fender ,back by the door at the top.pull fender off.good luck.

When you see a truck and it says FISH on it, it is just a warning so you know that the truck is transporting fish and to stay back some. If a truck carrying fish were to unload for some reason there would be serious issues of contamination, safety and hygiene issues as well.

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The only way to get a repossessed truck back in the state of Indiana is to pay the balance owed. Sometimes, you can contact the lender and make arrangements to get the truck back without paying the whole amount.

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