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A deeper realization is sinking among the BPO executives that in the process of earning fast bucks, they are missing out on options that might lead to a better future. Better salary, regulated work hours and a secure future is what is driving most of the people employed with the BPO industry to venture out to pursue an MBA degree with specialization in sectors like HR or Finance. A recent survey has pointed out that about one third of BPO executives in India are eager for an MBA. While this is all just beginning, the growth has been dramatic. Let's look at customer interaction services, including call centers and customer support centers. These were prime areas of growth during 2000-01. And this growth will continue, as long as U.S. businesses face economic pressure to do more with less and the Indian contact center proposition is favorable. Anju

India's one and only end to end Cisco based IP network.

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Brother makes fun of his friends and expects them to forgive him Will his friends always forgive him?

At certain points your friends will ignore whatever your brother because he is your brother but if your brother crosses the limit then your friends will never forgive him. Try to tell your brother that he is making a mistake

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I am friends with Robert pattinson because my cousin is best friends w/ Robert pattinsons friends brother

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Because either brothers friends are in love with little sister, or hate little sister because brother does.

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Even though your brother may be a pain to you off and on never desert your brother and good friends would not expect you to make that choice. Stand by your brother and find new friends.

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no they are not brother's just call each other like that because they are best friends

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Not biologically, but they do act like surrogate brothers because they are best friends :D

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Just talk to the guy, Tell him that you are not interested in him and that he should just get over that fact. Then tell him that he should not stop his brother from dating you or hanging out with you because there is obviously something good about you and he shouldn't prevent that from his brother. He shouldn't be so selfish.

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She had killed Orion, her partner, not on purpose because of her brother, Apollo.

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Because your brother is studying hard for his exams he cannot do two things at one time; study and see his friends. His friends are either studying themselves or are out together. Talk to your brother and tell him to make arrangements with his friends for a Saturday night as one night out with his friends will probably clear his head and give him a break from his studies. Too much studying will drain a person and a little fun never hurt anyone.

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Because he wants some privacy with his friends. If you want to be included when he has friends over and he doesnt want you to hang out with them, then leave them alone and maybe he wont be mean to you. Hope this helps :)

How do you mske friends with a girl that doesntt like you becus you told on her brother that he called you an b word?

Well... to help become friends with her you could tell her that, it was between you and her brother. Also say that i would like to become friends but also that you understand if she doesn't want to because you can't force somebody to be your friend.

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Almost always

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Mia Hamm started playing soccer to make friends and because her brother was playing.

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no because you can date anyone you like

Am I worng to ask my husband to cut his friendship with my brother and his wife after they told a lie about me and I proved it was a lie he has no loality for me only them he stands by there side?

yes i think you were wrong to do that because your husband can be friends with who he wants to be friends with. Also I think your brother should say sorry.

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no they are just best friends no they are just best friends

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no not really they not friends

On Friends who is Phoebe Buffay's brother?


What do you do you like your friends twin brother?

Ask Him OUT!

What does it mean when you like your friends brother?


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