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You were born in Brazil and became us citizen do you need a visa to go to Brazil?


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= Brazil Visa Application Service

All US Citizens and many foreign nationals who travel to Brazil require an entry visa prior to leaving the US. Using our Brazilian visa service, we can obtain your Brazil visa in time for your trip! = No. The brazillian consulate will issue you a Brazillizn passport with proof you were born there. If you want to travel there using your U.S. passport then you will require a visa.


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the child and your self need to go to immagrastion and get citizenship in brazil for the child.

Yes, but you'll need a visa and a passport. To become a citizen, you'll need to talk to the government about that.

Your parents need to be citizens of the country of which you are a citizen.

Since your dad is a citizen, I think you are too. You will need to prove it since you were born in Mexico.

One does not need to be born in Australia to become Prime Minister, but one does need to be an Australian citizen. Australia's first foreign-born Prime Minister was John 'Chris' Watson, who was born in Chile. George Reid was a Scotsman. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia from 2010-2013, was born in Wales but became a naturalised Australian citizen in 1974.

Yes, but you do not need to have been born in the US to be a US citizen.

Your husband will have to somehow prove that he is an American citizen. So, yes, he will need a certificate, as would anyone petitioning for his or her spouse, American-born or naturalized.

No you don't if you were born in the US or are at least a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen you will need a passport.

Only a natural born citizen can become President.

A native-born US citizen. This is not necessary to be president however, you need only be a natural-born US citizen.

very highly likely. I think it is only EU countries that we don't.

There is no such thing as an English citizen. If you were born in England you are a British citizen (as described in your passport). a Brazilian citizen you do not need a visa but i hear as from 2009 Brazilians will need but i do not know how fa they have gone with that proposal. I was in UK last year and I didnt need one. However you can call the British Embassy in Brazil to be extra sure. Good luck

Basically both are a proof of your citizenship but if you are not a citizen, you will not be able to have both document. What you need to be a citizen is proof that you are either born here or a naturalized citizen.

This probably depends on the regulations of the country where you are.

Yes, you are. But you need to live in Brazil. After a year, then, you can apply for Brazilian citizenship.

No, but you would need to be a citizen.

If you were born in the US, or your parents were US citizens at the time you were born, OR they became US citizens while you were living with them in the US before you were 18, then you're a US citizen. If not, then no.Well, unless you go through the naturalization process yourself. But if you did this, you'd know you were a US citizen and wouldn't need to be asking.

If you are an American citizen you don't need to do anything. He is all ready a citizen no matter where he was born.

He qualifies as a citizen because his mother was a citizen. By that logic, even if Obama was born in Kenya, he'd still be eligible.

Yes. If the US citizen is the father and the child was born outside the US, the child may later need to prove paternity in order to be recognized as a citizen.

you need to be a free native-born man who owned land.

I'm a Mexican citizen living in the united states what paper work do I need to enter back to the us

If you are born in Puerto Rico you are an American Citizen.

Yes. You need to be a citizen of the state, too.

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