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Normally, an agreement such as this one is void as against public policy.

2007-05-23 16:15:50
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How does an American husband divorce a Muslim wife?

In America, he files a petition for divorce in a civil court and a civil divorce procedure will dissolve the marriage.In America, he files a petition for divorce in a civil court and a civil divorce procedure will dissolve the marriage.In America, he files a petition for divorce in a civil court and a civil divorce procedure will dissolve the marriage.In America, he files a petition for divorce in a civil court and a civil divorce procedure will dissolve the marriage.

In the UK how long is the wait before a divorce can take place if the spouse refuses to sign the divorce petition?

how long is the wait before a divorce take place if the spouse refuses to sign the divorce petition

How long does a divorce petition stay in effect in Montana?

The petition is filed to open a suit for divorce. The case is open until the petitioner dismisses it or until the court grants the divorce.

How does a default divorce work in Florida?

If your spouse has been notified of the pending divorce and fails to respond to the petition within the allotted 20 days, then you can petition the judge for a default judgment of divorce.

How do you get custodial rights for your children in California when filing for divorce?

By including that in your divorce petition.

Texas petition for divorce form?

Do-it-yourself divorce forms are a great option if the divorce is "uncontested" (agreed on by both parties).

Can a spouse leave the state with the children after a divorce petition?


How do you modify a divorce decree in Minnesota?

You return to the court that issued the divorce decree and petition for a modification.

Is there a statute of limitation on divorce my husband has remarried and i never rec'd divorce papers or divorce petition?

If you cannot be found or if you refuse to respond to a petition for divorce, that cannot prevent your spouse from obtaining a divorce. The important signature on a divorce decree is that of the judge. You should contact the court where the divorce was obtained and order a copy of the divorce decree. If you go in person, you can request to see the file and review the contents.

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers in CA?

Go to court. The judge can grant the petition.

When were women allowed to divorce their husbands?

Women only gained the right to petition for divorce in Western countries in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There are still a number of countries where women do not have the right to petition their husbands for divorce and must wait for him to do so.

What if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers?

File a motion of default in the court where the original divorce petition was filed. The spouse will be notified of the action. If the spouse fails to respond, the divorce will be granted and he or she will forfeit the right to oppose the terms contained in the original petition.

Is there a waiting period after a divorce in Missouri?

No waiting period. (It takes 30 days for the court to issue a final divorce decree after a divorce petition is filed.)

Do you have to go to court to file the petition for divorce?

No, you just need to fill out the proper papers and you should have a lawyer for representation for future court dates. However, if you do hire a lawyer, you should have him/her file the petition for divorce.

Can a woman stop a divorce after she has already signed the divorce petition but then finds out her husband was cheating on her and wants more from the divorce?

Doesn't matter, most states are no fault.

How can you find out if your spouse files a divorce petition Or puts a divorce as pending?

Your spouses lawyer should send u a letter telling you why they want divorce proceedings

what happens if I do not have an address to notify my partner of my intent to divorce?

You'll need to file a 'Petition for Divorce, Summons with or without Children, Spouse's Location Unknown.' What happens is that the notice of the divorce petition will appear in a local publication acceptable to the court. That will be sufficient notice for the courts to proceed.

Can you get a divorce in Virginia if the spouse refuses to sign?

Yes, request a divorce under the state's default laws. Once the petition is filed the non compliant spouse will be served notice and if he or she does not appear at the hearing the judge will ask a few questions and if the the answers are found to be legally satisfactory the divorce will be granted on the terms stated in the divorce petition.

What is a divorce affidavit?

A divorce affidavit is a legal document filed by a party wishing to dissolve a marriage. The initial legal document that initiates divorce proceedings may be called a divorce affidavit or a petition to start divorce proceedings.

If you filed for a divorce can you change it to a legal separation?

No, generally both parties will need to request the dissolution of marriage petition be withdrawn or dismissed, and then need to file a petition of separation. Not every state will grant a legal separation decree, nor dismiss a divorce petition depending upon the circumstances.

Can a spouse file for a divorce and lie about the whereabouts of the other person?

Not if they want the divorce decree to be legal and they could be charged with perjury by signing the divorce petition as it is a legal document.

Who signs a uncontested divorce?

Both of the people named on the dissolution petition and the judge.

What if your Texas divorce petition states that no children are expected but the wife is currently pregnant?


Does the wife have to sign the divorce papers if she does not want to?

No, but the refusal of a spouse to sign the dissolution petition will not prevent the requesting spouse to be granted a divorce.

How do you serve divorce petition papers?

um. I never been Divorce before. but Have you try go to Divorce lawyer ask them a question. that might helpful. Divorce Lawyer can help with you how to Divorce Petition papers. Good luck. Here this. I found off from website. How do I serve the divorce papers? If a lawyer is handling your divorce, he or she will have the divorce papers served on your spouse. If you are using "do-it-yourself" forms, the instructions will tell you what you need to do. Your spouse can agree to sign papers that say he or she has been served. Otherwise, your spouse must be served by either the sheriff or another adult (not you or your children). If you are getting welfare or certain other public benefits, the Support Enforcement Division (SED) will also have to be served with the divorce petition. If you do not have a lawyer, or if the divorce forms you are using do not have instructions about this, you can call SED to find out how to serve them with the papers. What if I am served with divorce papers? If you agree with all the terms of the divorce as listed in the petition, you do not need to respond. If you want to challenge the terms listed in the petition, you must file a written answer (called a "response") with the court within 30 days after you were handed the papers. Contact a lawyer or your local legal services office to learn about what you can do. There is a court fee to file a response in a divorce case.