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You won a necklace. How much should you have to pay?

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Nothing. If you enter a competition and win, the prize should be free. Any charge for a prize is a big clue that the competition is a con. Don't pay the money.

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What should I know before claiming my contest winnings?

First you need to be sure that it is not a scam. Next you should try to find out how much you will have to pay taxes on the amount you won.

How much taxes would you pay if you won 1000000?

About $350,000.

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How much in taxes do you pay if you won money on Wheel of Fortune?

People pay tax based on income. You might be asking how much do they withhold for taxes from your winning and it is normally 20%.

Is a scam or not?

I dont know I just won something and looking around to see if I should pay for it.

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yes they pay they should win

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Yes they have to pay taxes on the winnings

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Do you have to pay a procedure fee to get the money they say you won?

That's called an "advance fee" scam. You send the money, and you never get anything from them. You won nothing. Had you, they'd be paying you, not asking you to pay them.

How much has tiger wood won in 2013?

how much has tiger woods won in 2013

how much super bowls have the broncos won?


Is Buchmuller and Co a scam?

iam asking are they. they tell me i have won 25.000 if i won why they wont me to seen 50.00 to get pay

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You won a prize worth one million dollars how much tax will you pay?

Any prize is considered income, and one worth that much will be subject to a 35% tax deduction ($350,000) before you receive it.

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