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Type your answer here. NO its not legal to work 8 hrs a day without a lunch break

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Q: You work 8 hours a day no breaks no lunch is this legal?
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How many hours a week does a Dentist work?

A typical dentist works from 7am-6pm with lunch breaks, so in 7 days (no lunch) is 77 hours. but with lunch, 70 hours. weekends off 55 hours, with lunch 50. so it depends on your practice, where you work, and when you work

You have to work for 10 hours a day with no scheduled breaks is this legal?

Federal law states that after 5 hours you must be given one 15 minute break. If you work 8 hours you must be given another 15 minute break and a 30 minute lunch.

Do you have to stay at work on your breaks and lunch?


How many breaks allowed in a day?

Typically there is one break for a 0-4 hour day, one break and one half hour lunch for 6-7 hours and for 8 hours usually two breaks and one hour lunch. Usually breaks / lunches are given somewhere around every two hours depending on the work place / type of work/ and state location. These are typical and used many places but each state has different laws that can dictate more or less. For instance some states require an hour lunch per 8 hours work while others require only a half hour lunch. 2 -10min breaks 1 30 min lunch break

In an eight working hours how much hours for Lunch can be provided?

Usually a half hour. Plus two 15 minute breaks. Some companies have a Union. They will require you to be at work for 9 hours - you get the same half hour off and the two breaks but you do it without pay. Some jobs give you an hour for lunch.

In the state of Kansas what are the labor laws regarding lunch breaks?

There is no federal law requiring breaks or lunch breaks. Some states have state laws that govern breaks and lunch breaks. Kansas does not have any state laws requiring breaks or lunch breaks. So your employer can legally work you an 8 or 10 hour shift without a break.

How many hours a day does a dentist work in one day?

well usually an average dentist starts work at about 7am and finishes at about 6.00pm but they have lunch breaks in between.

What do teachers do all day at work?

They teach the kids and have lunch breaks.

If you work 10 hours a day how many breaks besides your 30 minute lunch do you get 2 or 3 15's?

2 fifteen min brakes

Do I have to take lunch if you work more than 8 hours?

You don't have to take lunch no matter how much I work.

What are the laws regarding lunch and breaks for someone who works eight hours a day?

Anyone who works about 6 - 12 hours a day should have a min of 30 min break which in most cases is divided by two. (that will make two 15 min breaks in 6-12h period) Big companies will give you an hour lunch (that might not be paid by the employer) plus one or two 15 min breaks. It all depends where you work, but the minimum time limit for break/s for 8 hours of work is 30 min.

If you work 6 hours what breaks are you entitled to?


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