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Atlantic International University is not accredited. There are much better choices out there. For colleges and universities within the United States, make sure the school has a regional accreditation. Read the below and follow through with the link provided. It will give you a list of unaccredited colleges and universities. You will see Atlantic International University is on that list.

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Q: You would like to know how to accredit your online degree from Atlantic International University?
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Degree in Business Administration from Atlantic International University can be accept by another university for masters?

Degree from Atlantic International University is accredited by Accrediting Commission International (ACI) , therefore many of university that accredit by ACI are accept credit from Atlantic International University (AIU).For more information please go .Thanks

How can you use the word accredit in a sentence?

Although he studied at St. Helens college he was informed that Liverpool University would accredit his degree.

What colleges did Julian B Roebuck attend?

His AB degree is from Atlantic Christian College His MA degree is from Duke University His PhD is from the University of Maryland

Is lorenz degree accredited?

Yes it is accredit Degree.

Is the Atlantic International University SCHOOL OF SOCIAL AND HUMAN STUDIES accredited?

The Atlantic International University website says the University is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC).The website says AIU meets all state and federal laws as a degree-granting institution in the United States and the State of Hawaii. The University was legally established by corporate charter in 1998 and is in good standing.

Why should your masters degree from AUI considered unacceptable?

The masters program offered at Atlantic International University is good and adult-friendly. The program is well suited for slowlearning adults.

What university in Nigeria offer degree course in international relations?

One university in Nigeria that offers a degree course in international relations is called National Open University of Nigeria. They also offer degree courses in event planning and business.

If you go to an international university and earn a degree can you use your degree in your home country?

It depends on whether the degree and university is recognized within your country. Just because the university is referred to as international, does not necessarily mean it is recognized in your home country, or any other country for that matter.

What university did Michelle kwan go?

She graduated from the University of Denver in 2009 with a degree in international studies.

Where can I go to earn my doctoral?

There are many various institutions you can earn your doctor's degree. Everest College, Atlantic International University and Harvard University are among a few that you can select from but I will personally recommend Everest College because it's cheaper and can save you money.

Where are distance doctorates available?

A good online tool/website for getting more information about Distance Learning and trying to get your Doctorates Degree Online is on Education Connection's website. They can connect you with schools like Atlantic International University.

University of Aberdeen International sd USA is valid and accredit by the USA government?

United states of America has no central accrediting body, some accrediting bodies are recognized by the united states department of education, some are totally independent from federal regulations, some are regional some are national and international recognized. University of Aberdeen international SD is accredited, well formed, licensed to bestow degree's and has no association with unaccredited bodies. UAI degrees are accepted worldwide . don't be misled by an unknown Agents, with their negative publications about legal American Universities etc. Benamin McKenzie MA. Business Admin ,(University of Aberdeen International Sd)