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Your 14 and you want to break up with your girlfriend in the least painful way and you know you need to do it in person except she lives the other side of town what do you do?


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February 01, 2009 7:50PM

First you see if you still like her at all, even a slightest amount, as she will be deeply upset if you break up with her, if you know that you really don't like her anymore, or that she doesn't like you anymore either, then you sy you really wanna talk to her/see her again, ask in the most romantic way possible and don't do it on a date which she will remember, like Valentine's day or her birthday, once you meet up firstly have a nice time with her, then tell her quietly that you really like her but you're having some problems in your life right now and that it's better for her if she doesn't see you anymore. This is the best way and most painless long-term. Hope I helped, xxx.