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Your 17 year old daughter wants to go with friends you don't approve of to another state for a few days to visit She says you can't stop her because she is 17 what if the parent says no?


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November 05, 2007 9:35PM

If you calmly talk to her about her friends and what risks she might have instead of going berserk and yelling or "laying your foot down," she might listen to you. Tell her the only reason you don't want her to go only because of her safety or the influence of these friends. If the parents say no this way, she shouldn't go. A parent is in a difficult place when children start to push the bounds. You might just avoid all the problem and let her go, however she could still get into a heap of trouble. The law says that while she is under 18, you are responsible for her. Usually some version of the police or "child protective services" can put her into protective custody if she will not obey you and threatens to do what she wants. The threat is often enough to do the job. No easy solution. Good luck.