Related Questions

What is the exhaust system?

The exhaust system is what muffles the engine sound keeps the fumes out of vehicle and away from the vehicles occupants and also filters the exhaust fumes out.

What filters the exhaust systems in a car?

In a gasoline engine vehicle, the catalytic converter.

Why do vacuum boosters contain filters?

its so when you pee in the exhaust pipe it converts it into nitrous oxide (NO2)or "boost" and it filters out the water so its pure

What method of heat transfer the exhaust fan?

air goes the warm filters that are heated

Auxiliary system in the diesel power plant?

cooling and lubrication,filters,centrifuges,oil heaters,intake and exhaust

Is a Brita water filter safe?

Brita water filters are debated on safety. The filters do remove heavy metals, 99% of chlorine, and fluoride. The filters pose a danger because bacteria is not killed and if the filters are not changed properly the bacteria is in contact with the water.

How many filters need to be changed on central air conditioners and furnaces?

All of them

What are some good exhaust systems and engine parts such as air filters in general for a 1991 Jeep YJ?

Banks now makes a great exhaust system for your yj, but it can be pricey. also the split pipe 50 series flowmaster. as for air filters K&N is always a good way to go

Do air purifiers have filters that need to be changed or replaced?

Some air purifiers do require a filter to be changed others have a filter that can be cleaned.

How do you know when it is time to change your fuel filter on a 2003 trailblazer?

Clogged fuel filters result in poor throttle response and lack of power. Filters should be ideally changed before that happens. The 2002 Trailblazer owner manual says fuel filter should be changed at 100k miles. I expect the 2003 manual makes some comment. I have a 2002 and just changed filters.

How is the cabin filter changed in 2004 sequoia?

2004 Sequoias do not have in cabin air filters.

Where can I find more information on furnace humidifier filters ?

Furnace humidifier filters should be changed at least every three months so they work efficiently. If not changed they trap dust and particles that can 'pollute' the air you breathe.

What component regulates the pressure in a turbocharger?

Pressure in a turbocharger is regulated by various components such as exhaust gas pressure,condition of blower and impeller blades,condition of gas passage on suction and exhaust side,condition of air filters,closing and opening timings of exhaust and inlet valves.

Why do you have poor cabin heat in your 1997 Transport?

have you changed the cabin filters in the back of the glove compartment ?

What is the capacity of hydraulic fluid for a Case 870 tractor?

64 Quarts with both filters changed.

Pipe that comes out of the exhaust manifold?

That is the charge air pipe.It has four nuts where is connects onto the exhaust manifold and also ties into the exhaust collector mounted directly below going to the exhaust system.The charge air pipe goes to the housing on the front of the air cleaner housing which has three air filters inside the housing.

What are Diesel Particulate Filters?

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are devices that are installed in an engine's exhaust system in order to filter particulate matter that exists in diesel fuel exhaust gas. DPFs can be used in non-road machines and automobiles. Efficiency of filters vary according to which filter medias are used and other factors such as type of regeneration. DPFs require "regeneration" which is the process of "burning off" the accumulated particulate matter (or PM) that has collected in the filter.

How do you tell if the fuel filters are clogged?

Take it off and try to blow through it. If you can't blow through it, it is clogged. Now, since you have it off....replace it. Fuel filters should be changed like oil filters, especially with the quality of today's gas.

What could eliminate black smoke for emitting in diesel cars?

Already been done. Diesel Particulate Filters and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

What Mercedes filters other that air oil cabin should be changed on 2007 e350?

a/c filter

Why air filters used in automobiles and furnaces must be changed regularly?

They get dirty and restrict the air flow.

Does K&N make good air filters?

Yes theirs are efficient long as changed on schedule.

What can one buy from the dealership Corvette Central?

Corvette Central is a big online store that help people buy Corvette parts and accessories. They sell items such as air filters, oil filters, exhaust pipes, doors and many more.

Can I purchase sundance spa filters anywhere, or do I need to be directly from the manufacturer?

It is important too keep your filter changed for safety. You can purchase sundance filters at several retail outlets,not just the manufacturer.

How often does air filters need to be changed?

Air filter should be changed at least once a year or whenever the indicator goes off on the dashboard, whichever comes first.