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Have a mechanic look at it. The starter motor may be burned up, the solenoid might be frozen, or the ring gear might be missing some teeth.

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When i turn the key over on my 98 a4 all i hear is a buzzing noise any ideas bc i car will still start if i pop start it but nothing when i turnmn the key but buzzing?

You either have a loose/corroded battery cable or a weak battery.

Why would a 2000 Neon when I turn the key to start all lights go out and I get a buzzing?

Loose or corroded battery cables Weak battery

What does it mean when your car wont start and makes a buzzing noise?

Bad battery, or starter problem.

89 f 150 wont start battery fairly new started test pass 3 times replaced solenoid and all it does when you turn the key makes a clicking or more of a buzzing sound what am i missing?

Usually this means the battery is worn out and there isn't enough charge to turn over the starter

How to fix buzzing car speaker?

The speaker could be buzzing for a couple of reasons. If the signal from the radio is causing the buzz then you may have to replace the radio. If the speaker cone is the cause of the noise, then the speaker will need to be replaced.

Crown Victoria dome comes on dim and a buzzing is heard under the dash. What could be the problem?

just had that problem, your battery is going! my batt totally flatlined & there was a buzzing/clicking from under the dash sounds like a short but my mechanic popped in a new battery and problem dissapeared!

Why your car wont start and when you turn the key it makes a buzzing sound on a 2003 ford expedition?

The buzzing sound is possibly the starter solenoid, sounds like battery is low or stater motor is stuck.

What is a sentence with the word buzzing?

There is a buzzing sound from next door.I am buzzing with excitement.

Why is your alternator buzzing when the key is off?

mine is doing the same thing and i have no clue my battery keeps dieing at night

What is the definition of 'buzzing'?

'Buzzing' can be defined as a humming sound. For example: Mosquitoes were buzzing all around us. It can also mean 'be filled with a humming sound' i.e. A buzzing in my ears.

What is wrong with a car if there is no noise just buzzing and you've had the battery on charge for 1 hr?

Your battery may be to old to even hold a charge. try charging it a little longer and if you have a volt meter ,you should read about 12.5v. if not ,then you need a new battery.

How do you stop a Mercedes S430 from making a loud buzzing sound you unplugged the battery and it didn't stop?

Where is the noise coming from? Under then hood, or interior?

You have suddenly started getting a buzzing sound instead of sound on your computer and no sound you have Windows XP?

Your computers sound system may need replaced.

Why does your 1991 Chevy Cavalier make a buzzing sound from the front left when driving straight or turning left but not when turning right?

This buzzing indicates that the wheel bearings need to be replaced on your front left wheel. This can be fixed by changing the bearings themselves or replacing the entire wheel hub.

Why is your computer buzzing?

CPU's fan rotates and make buzzing sound.

What is the personification for the buzzing of the mosquitoes?

the mosquitoes buzzing are deadly in my ears! not sure!

Is buzzing an adjective or verb?

The word 'buzzing' is an adjective, a verb, and a noun. The word buzzing is the present participle of the verb 'to buzz'. The present participle is also an adjective and a gerund (verbal noun). Examples:Adjective: I hear a buzzing sound.Verb: The sun is shinning, the bees are buzzing, it's a fine summer day.Noun: That buzzing is very distracting.

Buzzing sound with drl light in a Honda civic?

yeah i get that too still trying to figure out what caused that but i believe it all started when my car battery died

Is there a homeopathic remedy for buzzing in the ear?

Mullen oil is good for buzzing in the ear.

What makes the buzzer a buzzing sound?

The buzzing sound made by insects is the result of wing movement. The faster the wings move, the louder the buzzing sound.

What is wrong with a car if when you try to start the car if when you turn the key nothing happens it wont crank over no clicking sound you just hear a loud buzzing noise?

The loud buzzing noise you hear from under the hood when you turn the key to start the vehicle usually means the battery is too low to crank the engine or a loose cable. Some auto parts stores will test the battery free of charge.

What causes the buzzing sound of the bee?

The buzzing sound of bees is caused by their wings flapping.

Are there any unit gaining cheats for backyard buzzing?

No there have never been any cheats for backyard buzzing so there are not any cheats for Backyard Buzzing. Signed by Emily Masterson

How bees and mosquitoes create a large buzzing sound?

bees and mosquitoes make a large buzzing sound by flapping there wings super fast thats how they make a buzzing sound.

Why is the fuel pump on your t reg Ford Escort buzzing?

You should hear it running when you turn on the switch. After a second or two it should stop buzzing. If it doesn't the Fuel Pump isn't sensing that the pressure has built up and should be replaced. Another thing it could be is that the relay for the fuel pump is stuck on. Replace the relay.