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sounds like a vacuum leak

may be dirty EGR Valve

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โˆ™ 2011-03-15 11:47:29
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Q: Your 1993 Chevy blazer runs fine until you put it into drive then it misses out like crazy you got any advice?
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Starts runs but it misses like crazy?

check your fuel injector

93 Chevy 5.7 misses under load plugs new wires good tach acts crazy also?

tach acting crazy on my car too,it would spike up to 6,000 rpms without the engine racing.replace the cranckshaft sensor.

Where is my camshaft sensor located on a 96 blazer?

Underneath the rotor in the distributor. Crazy I know...

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1997 Chevy blazer wont start after replacing fuel components tried ignition control module new cap and rotor why?

Ignition switch! Try turning the key to "on" position without starting vehicle. Leave key on for about 10 seconds. Try this twice. I had a 1997 Chevy blazer that was getting no gas or spark. Drove me crazy for three months. pulled fuel pump ,(was working fine). Truck would turn over ,but would not start. It ended up being the ignition switch. My key & tumbler was ok, but the switch in there wasn't. Cost for ignition switch is about 130.00.

1997 Chevy venture gas gauge acting crazy?

sticking float on the fuel pump, or malfunction in the float

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94 5.7 liter Chevy running rich why?

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What would make the gauges on a 1987 s10 blazer go crazy when you turn the lights or radio on?

It sounds like a wiring issue. There could be a loose wire on the instrument cluster, on behind the fuse block.

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