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It could be a bad distributor or dirty module or bad timing.

2006-08-12 05:20:56
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Q: Your 1997 Explorer just stopped out of no where and when you turn the key it makes the starting noise but it wont send a spark to the engine what could it be?
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What could be wrong with your 1997 Tacoma truck if the check engine light is has stopped working?

If you turn on the ignition without starting the engine and the Check Engine light does not come on, the bulb has burnt our or has been removed. Replace the bulb.

What makes a motor shake shake when stopped at a light in a 1994 Ford Explorer?

could be a vacuum hose leak--had the same problem and once the hose was replaced it stopped.

Ford Explorer service engine light?

The Ford Explorer service light will come on to tell you of a problem. The issue could be minor, or could result in loss of fuel economy, or cause engine failure over time.

Why does your Mitsubishi Galant shake while stopped?

could be a broken engine mount

Do the 2000 explorer limited come with a 5.0 engine?

You could have either the 4.0 liter SOHC - V6 engine or the 5.0 liter - V8 engine

Why has the climate control fan stopped working 1996 explorer?

There could be two causes. The first is the fuse could be blown and the second is the motor may have went bad.

Could gas in the oil stop engine from starting?

No, nor could oil in the gas.

Why would 2000 explorer check engine light come on when there is rigid cold weather?

Could be low fluids or a electronic component in engine...

Ford Explorer service engine soon light?

When the service engine soon light is blinking, it means a subsystem of the engine has failed. It could be something as simple as a broken gas cap, or it could be a serious engine problem. If the Explorer is still running fine, it is best to get the codes read at an auto service shop to determine the next course of action.

Why does the reset button fuel pump of ford explorer pop out?

could be a bad wire in your engine harness

What happened when your Jeeps diesel engine smoked out oil and stopped?

You could possibly have a cracked head gasket.

How many seats does a Ford explorer have?

My Ford Explorer has seat belts for ( 5 ) people , starting with the 2002 Ford Explorer four door you could get a third row seat so there were seatbelts for ( 7 ) people

Starter cranke but engine does not start 1997ford Explorer?

could be your coil pack / igntion moduel / or fuel pump

1998 transport oil smells like gas?

you have gasoline leaking into the engine when stopped could be a faulty injector

2002 ford explorer sport trac rough idling when car is stopped entire car rocks check engine lights on What could the problem be?

why is my ford sport trac run rough at idling. Being that the check engine light is on, start with having the codes read. Your local auto parts store can help with that at no cost.

What size of engine is on 1998 explorer xlt?

4.0 liter v6 ======================================================== The above answer is partially correct If you have a 1998 Ford Explorer ( XLT trim ) You could have a 4.0 liter Single Over Head Cam ( SOHC ) V6 engine or a 5.0 liter V8 engine ( which is an Over Head Valve / pushrod design engine )

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How soon will the engine stop if you put diesel in a petrol engine?

depending on how much petrol was in the tank and the length of the pipes it could take between 2 - 20 seconds before the engine stopped working

The remote keyless entry system the door key pad and the auto door lock stopped working on your 1996 ford explorer What could be the problem?

Check fuses

Ford Explorer not warming up?

The Explorer could have a stuck open thermostat. The thermostat needs to close until the engine gets up to operating temperature to make the system heat properly.

You have an 1996 ford explorer with a 6 cylinder engine and it leaks in the back of the engine and comes down the transmission what could that be?

Look carefully at the valve cover gasket. They will leak in the back and run down the backside of the engine.

Could the controlled process that causes the automobile engine to move could be produced by other means?

Are you talking about starting it or running it?

What size engine is in 1998 ford explorer sport?

You could have the 4.0 L - OHV engine - VIN " X " ( 8th " character " of VIN ) or the 4.0 L - SOHC engine - VIN " E " / both are V6 engines

Egr valve 1994 Chevy 1500?

The EGR valve on a 1994 Chevy 1500 is located on the top of the engine. If the valve becomes stopped, the engine could idle rough or stall.

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