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Your 1998 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 liter engine the oil light came on and it has a loud knock and then it died what is the problem?


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2009-10-13 22:45:32
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My guess would be that motor is locked.


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It is under the intake, between the heads.

the library should have a shop manual for this vehicle, you can make copies of the right sections :)

The 2006 Dodge charger knock sensor is located on the back of the engine. The knock sensor will be near the bottom of the engine cover.

It is located between the cylinder heads, on the top of the block.

It is not required for proper running of the engine.

The engine size is needed to answer your question.

If the knock sensor failed the CEL (Check Engine Light) would be illuminated and the engine may "ping" or "spark knock" under load. Serious "spark knock" can damage the engine if allowed to continue.

It is under the intake, between the heads.It is under the intake, between the heads.

Engine knock happens when an unbalanced air and fuel combination occurs inside of an engine cylinder. If the problem is not corrected the vehicle runs the risk of having a piston malfunction.

A 2001 Dodge Caravan doesn't have a knock sensor.

If your engine knocks than that can be a really bad thing, have you recently ran your truck without oil?

You have another problem other then the knock sensor if the engine will not start and run. A knock sensor will not cause the engine not to run.

it's on the right front of the engine, not far from the crankshaft sensor

The knock sensor just advances and retards the engine timing only. If there is a noise in the engine then you have engine are valve train problems. The knock sensor will not make the engine knock.

Added info to question: Vacuum also coincidently went from steady 20psi to 15psi/knock - small backfire/miss on acceleration from idle. Knock is steady at idle.

I have a recent engine knock on my 91 escort started out intermittant. I have a recent engine knock on my 91 escort started out intermittant.

there could be a problem with the timing of engine (ie) spark knock or bad gas

Yes, if a sufficient quantity of gasoline went through it. Knock in the engine from detonation is going to be the main problem, which could ultimately render the engine useless.

knocking as in spark knock? or engine knock? spark knock is adjusted through a knock sensor via ignition timing. eng. knock is due to brg. knock as in low oil pressure or sluge in engine or just a tired motor

It is located on the engine block. A knock sensor will very seldom give a problem. It detects engine noises and retards to timing. If you have a code then you need to find the noise and repair it.

NO it will not. If you have a knocking sound then you have trouble inside of the engine.

if you would stand in front of the engine (in front of the timing belt),it should be on the left side of the engine block under the exhaust manifold

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