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That mean the radio its asking for "the code" code that you could get sometimes in your owners manual. Some other manufacturers used to write that code ina small label indernead the astray,.. and in some cases you have to call the dealer where you got the car form,.. They should have that code in their files,.... P.S,.. Some europian cars have the code in the back of the stereo, wich you will have to take off in order to get it. Hope this hepls you,.. The Stig

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What is wrong with a car when it won't start it just makes clicking sound and the radio is working?

It is likely to be the starter is not working.

When was There Ain't Nothin' Wrong with the Radio created?

There Ain't Nothin' Wrong with the Radio was created on 1992-02-10.

What is wrong if you turn the key and car won't start there are no lights no radio no dashboard lights?

Most likely your car battery is completley dead.

What is wrong with the radio reception on a 2007 Camry Radio?

Bad antenna? Radio needs to be trimmed Bad antenna? Radio needs to be trimmed

Whom do i need to contact if a wrong address shows in my background check?

If a wrong address shows in a background check, it would be necessary to contact the business or reporting party that shows the wrong address. For example, if it was from an employer, contact the employer to fix it.

What is wrong when the yellow steering light comes on dash and the car Volkswagen Passat wont start. How can i fix this. It was driving great this morning. It wont lock either.?

Diagnose your vw for any small faults.

What does atonement achieve?

It repairs a wrong, it does something that shows you are sorry for the wrong you caused

94 Ford Probe will not start all the lights and radio air and heat work like normal but when I tried to start it there was no noise and no turnover what is wrong?

you have a magnetic starter on this vehicle, the starter is no good, you might try to hit it with a hammer to get it to start.

How do you get the guy in the suit to give you the radio app in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to finish the quiz. If you get the answer wrong you have to start again but don't worry, the questions never change.

Where is the third gym leader in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

she's in the radio tower answer the girl's questions all correctly if you get one wrong, you must start over

What is wrong if the starter clicks but won't start if the radio works so it can't be the battery and it has a new starter?

It can very well be the battery. Takes almost no amperage to operate a radio. I would suspect it is either the battery or the battery connections.

How do you reset a radio that is locked on a Mitsubishi Eclipse if you have already been locked out from entering wrong codes?

Turn the key to the ON position (do not start the car). Leave it that way for approx. one hour. Then the radio will go back to the CODE sequence. You will then need to enter the correct code to get the radio to work.

What is wrong when radio is showing tape in?

There's a tape in

What could be wrong with speakers if the radio fuse is fine?

If the radio fuse is fine and the speakers still do not work, perhaps the speakers are wired up wrong. Every speaker has an input and output wire. The wires may have been crossed or they are not connected to the radio. If the CD player works, but the radio will not, then the radio itself is bad.

Mechanic disconnect the battery for 1 minute then reconnect the radio say code he type the 5 digits still it didnt unlock the radio ON MY 98 HONDA Accord?

He must have used the wrong code. You have to pull the stero get the serial # and cross it with the dealer to get the actual code for that radio. Then start over.

Why wont your car start even though there is nothing wrong with it?

Obviously if it will not start, there IS something wrong with it.

1990 acura integra would not start but hear clicking sound coming from the radio?

Dont know who said the last comment but its completely wrong. Its the anti-theft protection on your radio you need the five digit security code from the dealer to unlock it.

Peugeot 106 xnd radio doesn't come on when ignition turned on and when you turn the radio on all stored radio channels are reset and i have to tune the radio in every time i start the car?

someone hooked up the radio wrong...rewire... if its the original radio...haven't a clue.. Dave answer you have no constant live running to the memory pary of the radio all it takes is to change 2 wires over unfortunatly i forgot which 2 but any mechanic could advise

How do you unlock ford radio with ten showing in display?

It is easy to unlock a Ford radio code if it shows 'TEN'. Turn the radio on so you see the 'TEN' message. Then hold the following buttons together: 'SELECT' and 'MAN'. Now you have ONE additional attempt to enter the code. Be careful because if you enter a wrong code the radio will show 'TEN+' and you will have to take it to a decoding specialist that will re-program the internal chip.

How does Jem's treatment of Scout show his maturity?

he acts responsible for her and shows her right from wrong, which shows maturity

1992 Chevy Lumina APV wont start lights radio etc does what is wrong?

Your battery is dead and you should probably take it to the repair shop and have them put it in for you. Couldn't it be the starter motor? The lights and radio come on, so there must be some juice and the battery.

What word names a short radio wave?

microwaves :)

What does HELP mean in the radio display on a Suzuki SX4?

You enter more than 10 times wrong code. Radio is locked.

Do wind turbines affect radio and television signals?

If placed in the wrong location, wind turbines can affect radio and television signals.

Replaced radio in Dodge Dakota air bag light is on?

If you installed an aftermarket radio and had to change the wiring you have a wire in the wrong place.