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Try Putting It Into Gear!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2009-08-15 20:46:59
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Q: Your 2000 Plymouth starts but doesnt drive what could be the problem?
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Your car cranks sometimes starts sometines doesnt could this be a transmission problem?

Not likely

How do you know the problem is the alternator?

If your car doesnt start, it could be the battery. But if the car starts and you unplug the negative cable and the car turns off, its the alternator.

1997 Plymouth breeze randomly stalls and starts?

Start by checking the 1997 Plymouth Breeze for proper fuel pressure. Also check for any loose connections at the crank position sensor or the coil packs. Any of these could cause the stalling problem.

What could be the problem with my car CD player if it takes and ejects my CD but the player doesnt show that its has power?

It doesnt play songs eaither.

Your radio doesnt work you checked the connections and everythings properly in place What could be the problem?


If your Xbox doesnt connect to Xbox live what could be the problem?

Call Xbox. It can be a variety of things.

What is a word that starts with e and related to reading?

a word that starts with e and is related to reading could be education because u get an education sorry if that doesnt help

Why doesnt my 1994 mustang temp gauge work?

The problem could be a dirty sensor or the sender is no good.

Your car starts right away when cold but when its warm it sometimes doesnt start and when it does you need to give it gas what is causing this problem?

I dont know what kind of car u are talking about,but it souns like it could be the coolant temp sensor.

My 1999 Acura tl starts ok but has no power when you accelarate Changed fuel pump worked for 3dys then problem is back?

If your 1999 Acura TL starts well but develops a problem when you accelerate, the problem could be with its transmission.

1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for no reason then starts afer a couple of cranks- spark plug wires replaced cankshaft sensor and fuel filter replaced?

could be the magnetic pick-up in your distributor, I replaced mine and it solved the problem.

What could be the problem if your car starts but turns off when you put it in drive?

possibly a problem with the torque converter locking up, or could be something as simple as a vacuum leak

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