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It could possibly be the timing belt. Chevrolet recommends replacing it every 60,000 miles.

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Q: Your 2000 Z24 Cavalier was running fine then you came home and parked and it now it wont start it turns over but wont start what could be wrong?
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1996 Chevrolet Cavalier won't start is it the fuel pump?

If a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier will not start, it could very well be the fuel pump. It could also be the starter or battery.

Why do diesels keep running while parked?

Diesels are kept running while parked for various reasons. In cold weather, a diesel may be very difficult to start so it is better to leave it running. Maybe the engine is needed to run heat or A/C for the sleeper cab.

How do you turn off day time running lights in 97 Chevy lumina?

You don't unless you are parked with the engine running. If you are parked and you want the engine running but don't want the daytime running lights on just shut the car off and set the parking brake then start the car back up. The lights should remain off until you release the parking brake.

How do you drain a radiator on a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier?

all you have to do is run water hoes in the hood of your car and start it why the water is running in to it =)

Whats wrong with a 1990 camaro that was running after being parked for 2 years now it wont start?

After sitting so long, you could have a bad battery, bad plugs, a bad fuse, bad gas, sludge in the carburetor if there is one, clogged injectors. These places are a where to start.

Why would a 92 Cavalier start when it is cold but not stay running after a while?

mine did that and i replaced the crank shaft sensor,problem was fixed

How do you know if your timing cahin is bad on a 2002 Cavalier?

When the timing chain is bad on a 2002 Cavalier, the engine could have several symptoms. The engine could run rough, be hard to start, or not run at all.

94 cavalier it was running fine and the next day it wont start please help?

It could be something to do with you spark plugs/wires/distributor. and on alot of GM cars and trucks it could be the fuel pump. The best thing to do is take it by a TRUSTED mechanic to check it out.

Car wont start after running out of gas?

If your car won\'t start after running out of gas it could be that the fuel pump was damaged.

How did running start?

Man ran from the moment he could move.

When trying to start a 1992 cavalier 2.2 4 cylinder the starter won't quit running is it the starter or the key switch?

It probably is the key switch.

What makes a car speedometer run when car is off?

its a 1994 cavalier the speedometer runs on its own and will not start it starts when the speedometer is not running it has the vs sensor

Why does your 1997 cavalier die immediately after you start it?

It COULD be the fuel pressure or if the theft system light on dash is blinking,it is that.

On a 97 cavalier after replacing the alternator and battery the battery light is still on and though it starts and runs fine what is causing the battery light to come on again after start?


What could be wrong with a 2004 Chevy Cavalier that seems to get fuel but won't start?

your security passlock could be engage, thus no gas will go to your injectors

Why doesn't my car start after being parked over night?

Often cars that are parked overnight need to be recharged. It is possible that the battery has died and needs a replacement or a jump to start.

Car wont start dimming lights?

It could be because its running out of battery

WHY DOES 2003 cavalier engine start but will not keep running more than a few minutes?

If the security light on dash is on then it's a passlock problem. If not check the fuel pump first

What Chevy Cavalier parts start with C?

Carburetor is a part in the Chevy Cavalier. It begins with the letter c.

1997 Nissan altima gxe parked it the night before it was running fine the next morning it would not start it turns over and sounds like it may start but does not?

it is quite possible that your gas line is clooged or you need a new fuel filter.

I have a 1985 Mercedes 380 sl. It was running fine and then parked for 3 hours. It did not start. The coil was tested and is fine. Could it be ignition module?

I had a 1981 that did the same thing. It turned out to be the fuel pump relay located behind the glove box. Good luck!

2002 cavalier ran out of gas now wont start could it be harmonic balancer?

Only if your Harmonic Balancer is unlike anyone elses out there.

What year Chevy start making the cavalier?


My 1989 buick century has been parked for 3 yrs has 65000 mls ran great when parked won't start now has new battery?

Start with the fuel pump. I have found in purchasing vehicles that have been parked for any length of time that I had always had to replace the fuel pump, strainer and filter.

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