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sell it

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Q: Your 2001 jetta has all the light flashing on off in the dash draining your battery any solutions?
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Brake light flashing 2002 jetta tdi?

brake light flashing on 2002 jetta tdi

Jetta why would your alarm light quit flashing windows want rollup and engine want even try to start 1999.5 jetta gls vr6?

Sounds like the battery is dead.

1996 Volkswagen jetta when i disconnected battery then reconnected the 4 way flasher started flashing and the car would not start?


94 jetta wont turn over start just clicks?

Most likely, your battery is low, and it may be low for one or more reasons: Altinator not working, an electrical short that may be draining the battery, etc.

What is still running and draining battery after ignition off on 2008 vw jetta?

Can be any light in the car as in, under hood, trunk, glove box, etc. Can also be a relay that is stuck. Can also be the battery has a dead cell and is running itself down.

How do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry key pad?

how do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry pad?

Why does my 2006 vw jetta tdi not crank and no start and PRNDL flashing?

There are several things that can cause your 2006 VW Jetta not to crank over or start. The flashing of the PRNDL display would indicate the antitheft system has been activated.

How do you put a Jetta in neutral when the battery is dead?

Jump the car from another car battery or hook a charger to the battery.

Remove door panels on 2003 Jetta VW?

i have a 2001 jetta and my key remote doesn't work.. i though it was the battery and i bought a new battery but it still doesn't work..??

How do you change the speed sensor on a 1997 jetta?

take battery out under battery tray on Tran's

How do you change the battery on a 2001 Jetta?

my buddy is having trouble changing his battery in his vw jetta.....I looked at it and I think it has a lockdown plate in the front lower, middle of the battery.....I don't want to screw up his car, so.... can anyone shed light! thanx!

Why won't a 2000 Vr6 jetta battery hold the charge?

Your battery is bad, your alternator is bad or you have a wiring problem.

Why does the horn go off on my Volkswagen 1997 Jetta when I replace the battery?

Its a Power Surge When you attach the new battery.

How do you reset a 1996 jetta computer after reconecting the battery?

u shouldn't have to..

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 2005 VW jetta?

On top of the battery

Why is your Temp warning light in your 1995 Jetta intermittently flashing when your temp gauge works?

Could it be that you are just low on coolant?

Vw 2003 jetta won't turn over?

Could be your battery, starter, ignition, check them... would start with the battery !

What is the Battery size for a 2002 jetta 1.8t?

Any group 47 will fit

How much does a replacement battery cost for a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta?

Autozone $150.00

Where the engine block ground wire for VW Jetta is located?

It is located on the battery

What type of battery for a 2000 jetta?

Group size, 47. CCA, 520.

Where is the starter relay on a VW jetta?

The starter relay on a VW Jetta is located in the engine compartment fuse box. This fuse box is located on top of the battery.

What does a flashing temperature warning light on a cold 1989 vw jetta indicate?

When mine flashes it means that the coolant level is low.

How do you reset the remote key when you replace battery on a 2033 vw jetta?

There is nothing to reset. Just change the battery and if you have it in correctly it will work.

What can cause the battery of a 1995 VW Jetta to die after changing the battery twice?

have you checked the alternator??? that's the first thing that comes to my mind if your battery is being drained