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bearings inside your sterring colum need replacing


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Rocker switch on top of the steering column.

The rocker switch on top of the steering column.

Between your steering wheel and your instrument panel on your steering column, you will find a small rocker switch that controls the parking lights. I can't tell you why it is there, but it does turn the parking lights off and on independent of the ignition and headlight switch.

Try the toggle switch on the top of the steering column

You can perform angle parking by cutting the steering wheel at a sharp angle and then pulling into a space. Keep the wheel cut to achieve an angle.

The power steering belt is in need of adjustment or replacement.

AnswerAre parking lights staying on? Just cleaned car interior? Try switching off switch on top of steering column.parking lights will not come on

It is all in how easy it is to steer the car. The major difference in having power steering can be felt when parking the car or other maneuvers requiring maximum steering travel at very low speeds.

The most likely answer is that the parking light switch on top of the steering column is turned on. --Ken The parking light switch is turned off,the engine is turned off,they are still flashing

Absolutely. If the ABS light comes on, you better check your bearings immediately. Happened to me and left me stuck in a restaurant parking lot unable to move.

Do you mean parking brake switch? You have to sit on a stool, look under the dash under steering wheel. You will need a flashlight.

No...not typically. A bad PS Pump can cause a vibration while turning the wheels at slow speeds, like in a parking lot etc. Most likely a vibration while driving would be caused by, Out of Balance or Out of Round Tires / Bent Wheels or Axles / Bad Wheel Bearings / Bad CV Axle / Bad U-Joint or Damaged Driveline (RWD & AWD) Vehicles. These are the areas you should be checking first for "Vibration While Driving" Posting the speed your vehicle vibrates can also be helpful. :)

Do you mean the parking lights? if it's the parking lights that are on, check the switch on top of the steering column.

Check on top of the steering column there is a parking light switch which is probably left on.

There is a second light switch that activates the parking lights without the key being on. It is on top of the steering column behind the steering wheel. If this switch is turned off and the lights remain on when the key is off, there is a malfunction in this circuit.

Here is the short answer. See Related Links for the long answer! Gather your tools. Park the car on a level surface. Jack up the car, block the rear wheels, set the parking brake. Remove the old bearings. Grease: coats the races and pack the bearings. Reassemble onto the car.

Power steering makes it easier to steer a car. This is particularly noticeable when parking a car, and if the power steering on a vehicle stops working it will be obvious as the vehicle will become very difficult to drive.

switch on top of steering coloumb is on. turn it off

Subaru uses a red parking light button on top of the steering wheel column - it acts as an on-off toggle so the driver can activate the parking lights (instead of hazards) to allow other drivers to see the car in the dark.

Faulty switch on the stalk on steering column, had it do that to me on a mazda.

It's located on top of the steering column, you have to drop the column to get to it.

If you have the steering wheel turned at an angle it could cause the locking rod to the transmission to jam or stick. Try wiggling the steering wheel back and forth a little.

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