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Black smoke just means that it's starting a little rich, but no real problem. Grey smoke probably means that you have a little "cylinder washdown", meaning that you're probably leaking a little fuel when you turn off the engine. Check the throttle body injector to make sure it's not leaking when you turn off the engine. Fuel drips into the engine, washes down/dilutes any oil that's on the cylinder wall, and when you start the engine it can cause blue smoke. If the injector is leaking, it could just be dirty. Try a can of injector cleaner.

If the Chevrolet dealer installed the engine then the engine has a 3 year 75,000 mile warranty and that makes it their problem. Return to them for the fix.

2011-09-14 08:47:29
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Q: Your Chevy G20 conversion 92 van exits smokefrom muffler when you start but it disappears when you drive away you have new engine put in last year by the Chevy dealer and What should you Do to stop it?
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Is it better to have my muffler repaired at my auto dealer, or a muffler shop?

If your vehicle is not under warrenty, then it is best to shop around and get a few quotes.

Why does it cost so much more to replace a catalytic converter at a dealer than at a muffler shop?

The dealer uses the factory catalytic converter. The muffler shop uses a generic brand replacement part that may or may not be of the same quality.The dealer uses the factory catalytic converter. The muffler shop uses a generic brand replacement part that may or may not be of the same quality.

Where can you find a dealer that will completely install a cng conversion kit and tank for a Toyota Camry?

You wont find a dealer to do it. Must be after market conversion.

Which dealer has the broadest selection of conversion vans for sale?

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Cost to replace a catalytic converter?

At a muffler shop-150.00 (approx) A dealer-800.00 (approx)

How do you replace the catalyic converter on 2000 Camry?

I suggest you take your vehicle to a muffler shop or dealer for this repair.

Where can I get muffler repair services about in Dallas?

Midas Dallas is one of the muffler repair shop. Any auto body repair shop should be able to replace or fix your muffler problem. If not, take you car back to the car dealer, they should be happy to serve you.

How much for a 95 golf catalyitic converter?

Any muffler shop can replace it for around 125.00. DO NOT go to the dealer.

How much is a cataytic converters to replace?

Like a muffler. Most muffler shops can do it. About 125.00 for converter plus labor. That's the cheapest way to get it done since they do it all day. The dealer or elsewhere will gouge you.

What is the average cost to replace a catalyic converter on a 2001 Pontaic Grand Am?

130.00-200.00 at a muffler shop. Stay away from the dealer.

How do you replace catalytic converter on 1998 ford ranger?

Any muffler shop can do it for you. It's routine & has to be welded in. Don't go to the dealer-they will ream you.

Can a dealer legally sell a car without a muffler?

Lack of a muffler is not so important legally as whether the tailpipe still extends beyond the edge of the body, which we're assuming is not the case here. This will allow CO to accumulate under the vehicle, a big no-no.

Someone stole your converter off your 2004 Nissan frontier muffler shops say only dealer part can replace it but you see several dealers that have oe replacements what's up?

muffler shop doesnt want to do the job just go to one of the places you have seen that have them

Where can one find conversion vans for sale?

One can find conversion vans through numerous trading websites, like eBay or Craiglist. One can also find conversion vans through one's local car dealer.

Yamaha razz muffler heavy smoke on a Yamaha Razz Yamaha Razz heavy smoke from muffler Yamaha?

Try replacing your current 2 stroke oil with 100 percent synthetic 2 stroke oil. Available at any motorsports dealer. Worked for my Razz. Has not smoked since.

Where is the Cadillac converter located on a 99 Chrysler Town and Country?

Exhaust system, before the muffler. You will have one convertor and possibly 2 pre convertors prior to that that look like mufflers. If you need a new one go to a muffler shop. They charge like 150 and the dealer will charge 800

Does the car dealer have the right to keep a wallet with cash and personal possessions that were in the car when he repossessed it?

No. It is called theft by conversion.

Is there anyone in the North Carolina Piedmont who has good deals on used conversion vans?

Your cloest dealer for a conversion van will be in Charlotte. I would suggest checkinig out Ilderton Conversion 5518 Westpark Drive Charlotte, NC 28217-3502 (704) 523-2022

How do you convert the air conditioner in a Volvo 240 to R-134a?

any dealer will have a conversion kit but i think they will need to do it.

How much to change Catalytic converter on 1999 Mazda Protege?

if is bank 1 it will it the 1000 from the dealer because is a direc fit but if is bank 2 could be 200 or 250 and any muffler shop can replace it

Will putting dual exhaust or even a single high flow muffler such as a flowmaster super 40 on your truck void the GM Powertrain Warrenty?

no as long as you dont mess with the cat. converters You might want to ask your dealer first.

Why does a Subaru exhaust system cost so mutch to buy from a Subaru dealer?

It is double wall pipe all the way and because they can. A muffler shop should be able to replace all of it with single wall and you will not notice any difference. Prices vary but the whole system should be 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of dealer pipe.

Can keyless entry be installed on a 94 G20 Chevy conversion van?

yes. pep boys, any big box auto parts store will fix you up. higher end? you can go that way too. Just stay away from the dealer. signed an ex dealer mechanic

Where can I find cheap conversions vans?

The best place to look for a new conversion van would be at your local dealer. They will be able to custom make it for you according to your preference and possibly be able to get you a deal on it.

How can I convert my car to electric?

From the research that I have done, this process is very costly. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the conversion can run from 2-10,000 dollars. I would recommend only a dealer perform this.