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you are bypassing the refrigerant lo pressure cut out switch when you wire the clutch need to determine if there is any refrigerant in the system.if the fuses are good and there is refrigerant in it, i would say that the problem is with either the pressure switch, or the A C controls on your dash.

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Q: Your ac clutch on your compressor on your 1996 Isuzu hombre 2.2 will not engage unless you jump it straight from the battery There is a green and black wire that plugs into the compressor p?
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Already changed fuse and air conditioning compressor clutch assembly but no power going to cause the compressor to kick on to pull back the clutch so that compressor kicks on what could be the cause?

What specific kind of vehicle do you have? It does sound like the clutch may be bad, but we also need to know what you are working on. You need to run power straight from the battery to the compressor. If is still does not engage then you need to replace the compressor and clutch, they are dead. If they do engage, then you have a wiring or computer issue.

What happens if there is no voltage applied to the clutch?

An air conditioner clutch will not engage without voltage. If it doesn't engage, the compressor will not turn.

What happens if the electrical connector is not connected to the ac compressor?

The a/c clutch will not engage and the compressor will not come on.............

What is the mg clutch relay in a 2002 Acura MDX?

thats the relay to engage the a/c compressor clutch

If the AC compressor clutch does not kick in and the relay and fuse are ok what could be the problem?

The clutch receives it's signal to engage from a pressure switch in the system. If there is insufficient refrigerant in the system the pressure switch will not close resulting in no power at the compressor clutch to make it engage.

How is the compressor clutch engaged on the air con system?

When not engaged, the wheel spins freely. When the low pressure switch closes, it closes the electrical circuit to the compressor clutch. This actuates an electromagnet, which pulls the clutch in to engage it.

How do you engage the AC clutch to refill the system?

You don't need to engage the compressor clutch to recharge the system. In fact, you shouldn't engage it without refrigerant and oil in it, because the refrigerant carries the compressor oil in order to lubricate the compressor. But, to answer your question, you disconnect the low pressure switch, and run a jumper wire between the two female ends of the connector.

What caused an air conditioning compressor to turn on or off?

Most automotive AC compressors use a cycling clutch compressor, where the clutch is engaged by pressure switches which will engage the compressor clutch when the pressure reaches a predetermined low level, and disengages it when it reaches a predetermined high pressure.

How do you fix an air condiosoner pump because it does not spin or work?

Do you mean that the AC clutch does not engage the compressor? Or do you mean that the AC compressor won't turn even if the clutch is engaged? If the compressor is siezed and will not turn even if the clutch is engaged, the only choice is to replace the compressor. If you can turn the compressor by hand (understand that the belt pulley will turn freely with the engine if the clutch isn't engaged) but the compressor clutch isn't engaging, it might just be out of refrigerant. There is a sensor, usually somewhere near the receiver/dryer) that detects the "low side" refrigerant pressure. Once the refrigerant pressure at the sensor drops below a specified level, the compressor will not turn on. In other words, if the compressor clutch won't engage it might just be out of refrigerant.

Trans am air conditioning wont work?

The A/C Compressor may not be charged with frion if the A/C Clutch does engage, or it may not engage due to fact it's not sending 12v to the electronic wiring. First start the engine and turn on the A/C, watch if the clutch on the compressor engages or not.

Pt Cruiser 2002 ac clutch doesn't engage?

Try jumping the two terminals of the wires which go to the low pressure switch. That's a possibility, as is low refrigerant, a bad compressor clutch, or a faulty fuse or relay to the compressor clutch.

Why air conditioning compressor clutch engage and disengage every second?

This happens to keep the fluid in the compressor viable. If it sits too long, it can become unusable.

Why does fan blower not work and compressor clutch will not engage fuses look good?

i think these is not a proper question i do not know

How do you test the ac compressor?

You should be able to hear it engage-there is a clutch. If not, check the hot wire when someone turns on with a test light. If it has juice & does not engage, you may have a problem.

Do the black and green wire on a 1996 Isuzu hombre's compressor lead to a fuse or relay you can jump the clutch from the battery but it will not engage without running power to it?

Thats green and black wire is the switch wire for the compressor clutch. Trace the fault back to the relay. Bridge the relay out and see if the compressor comes in, if so its either the relay, switch or fuse. If not then its the feed to the relay.The system WILL have a fuse and a relay. Hope this helps.

Ac switch 2002 Pontiac has three prongs which two do you jump to get clutch engage?

Dont jump them, its not a switch, its a transducer and you could wreck your pcm by jumping the wrong one. Run a power wire directly to your compressor to get the clutch to engage. If it doent engage then, it is your clutch. Remember to first check refridgerant level and fuses/relays. Good luck.

How do you remove the compressor clutch on a 98 Monte Carlo V5 compressor it turns with the nut?

You need a special wrench that holds the compressor clutch while you turn the shaft nut with a socket. Sometimes you can fabricate one from a flat piece of metal with 2 or 3 holes drilled in it. Then put bolts through the metal with a nut holding it in place. Use the part of the bolts that protrude to engage the compressor clutch and hold it.

Why does the air condition compressor not turn on a 2003 silverado?

Well, the question is a bit vague. Is the flywheel to the compressor clutch turning? Does the compressor clutch engage? What exactly is it doing? There are several possibilities here.. a bad low pressure sensor, a seized bearing in the compressor, an overcharged refrigeration system.. kinda difficult to narrow it down without knowing specific symptoms.

Why is the Air conditioning pump not working on Vauxhall Astra?

Possible causes could include: Failed air-con on/off switch. Wiring fault. Compressor clutch fault. Blown fuse. No gas in system. the clutch on the compressor has a fuse and it was blown. i soldered across the fuse and the clutch is now working. also if there is not enough gas the clutch will not engage as well.

Why does Lexus sc400 air conditioner compressor clutch not engage but fuses are OK?

It's either low on charge, has bad wiring, needs a new pressure switch or needs a new clutch.

How do you engage the clutch on a car?

The clutch pedal.

Why blades wont engage 0n your cub cadet 2135 lawnmower?

The clutch is wired with a hot from the battery at all times and requires a ground from the switch to engage. Check for a bad ground wire to the clutch or a bad ground connection.

1992 Lexus ES 300 Air-conditioning compressor does not Engage?

You will have to figure out why: This the 90% of the time failur: Is there Freon in the system, if there is not a minimum pressure, usually 17 PSI, the compressor will not run. Is the compressor and clutch capable of working? Is the fuse in good shape.

The 1999 Chevrolet Lumina air conditioner compressor when hooked direct to battery the clutch engages air works fine. Hooked up normal clutch will not engage?

Check the following and if you have a scanner you can pinpoint it a lot faster.......... 1. While harness is connected to the a/c compressor clutch check to see if you have both power and ground. 2. Check to make sure that the harness also has power and ground while disconnected. 3. Check the pressure switch and pigtail as well. 4. Check the a/c compressor clutch relay under the hood in the electrical compartment. 5. Check the a/c controller assembly.............

What causes the air conditioning compressor on a 2000 Saturn LS-1 4-cylinder to not engage?

Low or no refrigerant Blown Fuse Defective pressure switch Bad clutch on compressor Selector switch