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The rattling may be the bearings going out of your alternator. Batteries normally do not rattle. If the bearings are going out they may begin to seize up and instead of the alternator pulley turning, the belt is slipping on the pulley as the bearings get tight. Take the belt off the alternator pulley and see if you feel and grinding or tightness when you spin the pulley. If you do, change it out now. The reason the lights are going dim is because your alternator is not spinnign at the needed rpms to keep the battery charged and thus the dimming and slowing eventually you will have a dead battery too boot.

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While driving 96 jeep Cherokee the lights dimmed out and the car stopped working its not the battery or the alternator what do you think is wrong where would you look?

Check for poor ground connection either at the alternator or follow the negative cable coming from the battery.

When you turn on the rear defrost the head lights dimmed now when the rear defrost is on it don't work at all?

This can be caused by bad wiring, or bad fuses. This can also be caused by a draining battery, or an alternator that is not keeping charge.?æ

What are the symptoms of a failed alternator in a 96 Honda civic?

low charge, rough idle, dimmed lights. With the vehicle running and headlights on or wipers on the alternator should be charging around 15v 15.5v

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2000 alero lost all power while driving the highway. I tried jumping it and it still won't start Just turns over.. Few days ago rpms went up and down and lights dimmed and lost power. Newer fuel pump?

Might be the fuel filter. My car stopped several times while I was driving.......dimmed lights and all. Changed the fuel filter and it's been good since.

Why has your car radio display lights dimmed...a fuse issue...or a bulb issue?

Try adjusting the dimmer on the control for the dash light. If ti were a fuse, you would have no lights and that would never be a bulb issue. How's your alternator??

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What could be the problem when your headlights and dash lights have dimmed considerably over the last two days?

The symptoms you describe tend to indicate that the battery voltage is getting lower and lower, which suggests something wrong with the charging system, or the battery is beginning to fail. Depending on where you are, many of the "chain" auto parts stores will test your battery and charging system for free if you can drive the vehicle into their parking lot.

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How do you fix a dim headlight on a 2002 Saturn SL2?

A dimmed headlight is usually cause by a bad ground. Check the connections in the headlight wiring. Sometimes they can get water in there and just a little bit of corrosion will cause bad connection.

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What happens if you disconnect the battery while the car is still running?

Depending on the year, make and model, the engine may or may not keep running.The best advice you can get is do not try it.If you don't know how to check these parts yourself and you have any doubts about your battery, the alternator - or any other part of your car's charging system - it would be best to get them all checked thoroughly by a vehicle electrics specialist.He or she will have all the right test equipment and will know what to do with it, so you will get the best advice.Other opinionsIt might, but it's very likely to fry the alternator. Alternators depend on battery impedance for current regulation. Disconnecting the battery with the engine running is just begging for a hefty repair bill....Yes it will , except some early model VWs as I found out, disconnecting the battery breaks the circuit...Early VW will stop running , circa 1960....The battery provides voltage regulation. Without it, the bus voltage in your vehicle may exceed the working voltage of many electronics in your vehicle. Cars today have many digital electronics that are susceptible to voltage spikes and are often not well equipped to handle them. You could easily destroy the engine computer or your expensive music system for example....It will cut off on a new car because the computer system will shut down.Not sure on older models....On a 95 Pontiac driven with a bad alternator, the lights dimmed to nothing but it still ran.

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