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Your battery on your jeep died now it won't start what do you do?


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March 07, 2009 11:36AM

You failed to mention the year and make of the Jeep, but I will make a few assumptions. On earlier XJ and ZJ models, there was a security system that would prevent the vehicle from starting if the battery was disconnected.

I would take your ignition key and lock and unlock the drivers side door a few times and see if that resolves your issues.

Good luck!

I am assuming you have already replaced the battery and it still won't, If this is the case you have to reset the fuel pump relay and that should do the trick. Okay, what kind of question is this??? You take out the old one, go to Fleet Farm, Turn in the old one at the service desk, Go to the battery section, find the correct battery, Purchase it minus core discount, take it home, put it in, hook it up, charge it, and start the jeep. Got it under control??? -Mr. Mechanic- It is also possible that it is your alternator, but not likely. First determine if battery is charged or not. Take battery to any parts store and they should charge it for you, if not buy a new battery and that'll solve the problem. Depending on year you could try to bypass the cylenoid. Look for the starter, big round part 4 bolts attached somewhere on bottom of motor. Next to it or connected somewhere to it is the cylenoid 4 leads wires hanging off. Touch far left 2 leads with a screw driver and see if engine will try to start at all.