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Working brake lights are important for safety reasons while driving. It is important to check all of the wiring, if the brake lights are not working and the fuses and bulbs have been checked.

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Q: Your brake lights will not work on a 1994 ford escort you have already replaced bulbs and fuses?
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Why won't the brake lights turn off in a 1997 ford escort?

The brake lights won't turn off because the brake light switch on the pedestal of the brake pedal needs to be replaced.

Why wont brake lights work on 1996 ford escort fuse and bulbs have been replaced?

check the wires at brake light switch on brake pedal they are bad about breaking brake light switch

No brake lights on your Ford Escort?

Most likely no brake lights would be due to a faulty switch on the brake pedal or a bad fuse.

Brake lights stay on in ford escort zx2?

There is a rubber piece on the arm comming to the break pedal it probably dry rotted and needs to be replaced

My tail lights work but brake lights don't in my ford escort lx wagon?

replace your switch, located under the brake pedal.

Why dont The brake lights on my 1966 Mustang not work and I have already replaced the switch?

Check the bulbs- they are double filamented with the smaller for brake lights Check the fuse Check the sockets for power and ground Check the sockets for corrosion

My tail lights and third brake light work on my 98 Explorer the two main brake lights do not Already replaced the brake light switch and all fuses appear to be intact What next?

I hate to ask , but did you check the bulbs ? The tail light portion may work fine , but the brake lights don't if both of the bulbs are bad .

Why will the emergency brake not work on a 1992 Ford Escort GT after installing new brake pads?

brake cable needs to be replaced or adjusted

What causes the brake lights to fail when all other lights are working fine?

The BOO (Brake On/Off) Switch may need to be replaced. If it is bad, it would cause the brake lights to NOT illuminate when the brake pedal is applied.

Where can you find a diagram of brake system for 1986 Chevy pickup?

i have tail lights but do not have brake lights nor do i have turn signals. i have replaced brake switch and all bulbs

What is wrong if the brake lights in a 2000 Cavalier Z24 do not work but the tail lights directional hazard and center brake lights all do and the tail lamps have been replaced?

Check the brake switch at the pedal.

What if your brake lights are stuck on can you unplug 1 side of your battery on a 94 mercury villager?

"Stuck" brake lights indicate that the brake light switch on the brake pedal is broken. It should be replaced.

2000 odyssey brake and rear lights not working and will not go into gear also cruise and horn will not work. Can anyone help?

Check the fuse first, then the brake bulbs. When you press the brake, it senses the brake lights and let's you take it out of park. This happened to me - 2 brake lights burnt at the same time with one already gone, and I couldn't get it in gear. I replaced the bulbs, touched the brake pedal and she went into gear no problem.

Your 1998 mercury mystique brake lights don't work is there a sensor that needs to be replaced or just a fuse?

check fuses & brake lights switch located on brake pedal

Why would the brake lights of your 98 Ford Escort stay on even after you turn off the car?

Could be the brake light switch above the brake pedal.

Why won't the brake lights shut off on a 1998 Cadillac Catera?

Brake switch needs replaced.

Why would the brakelights not work on a 99 Neon if the third brakelight does?

Check the brake light switch on the pedal. There are different switches for the 3rd and reg brake lights If you have already replaced the bulbs of the two lights that are not working then check the wiring between the lights. If you don't have a repair manual get a haynes it has wiring diagrams in them.

Why don't Brake lights work on 96 Camry cruise works lights work and replaced brake light switch?

Check the fuse. Then check the wiring.

Why do your brake lights on a 95 ford escort burn out when you put new ones in?

Using correct bulbs?

Why would Brake lights stay on even when the lights are shut off and engine is not running?

the brake light switch on the brake pedal is bad and needs to be replaced. A $10.50 part at parts store.

Why are the tail lights and license plate lights not working but the turn signals and brake lights and reverse lights are and you already replaced the bulbs and fuse?

Try replacing the headlight switch. Do the front parklights work and not the rear ones? If so check the harness to the rear of the vehicle for breakage.

How do you fix a ford escort with a sort in the wiring that is keeping the brake lights on?

Are you sure it's a short in the wiring and not a brake pressure switch that needs adjusting.

What causes brake warning lights to stay on in Ford Escort?

There is a piece behind the brake pedal that brakes, it is round and blue, but I do not know what the piece is called.

Brake lights went out on Ford Escort zx2 2001?

Check the STOP fuse in the passenger compartment Check the switch on the pedestal of the brake pedal.

Why are your brake lights and hazard lights not working on a 99 Chevy turn signals and top brake light is working fine?

turn signal switch needs replaced!