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If engine vacuum is low the brakes will be difficult to push. Sometimes, if the engine isn't running well when it's cold, the vacuum level will be low and the brakes won't work well. Have someone check that out for you.

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Q: Your brakes does not want to work if you drive short distances with your 1996 sebring but after long distances it works good again what could it be?
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Turn signals on 97 Lumina freeze up when you hit the brakes When you let off the brakes they start up again What could this be?

From my previous experiance, could be Multifunction switch (on steering column) Do the turn signals flash normal on both sides? Let me know,Ben

Smell coming from brakes?

There are many different kinds of smells that could be coming from the brakes. There could be a burning smell.

What causes knocking in the brakes of your car?

If the brakes are too loose that could be a result.

Are the front seats for the Sebring coupe and sebring convertible interchangeable?

You could use the non-convertable seats in a convertable Sebring, but there would be a huge safety issue as you would not have seatbelts. The seatbelts are built in to the Sebring convertable seats. The bolt down assemblies for both however are identicle.

What caused brakes to go flat down when mash?

It could be air in the brake line, or the brakes getting too hot from too much friction by using the brakes on a steep hill or riding the brakes, or there could be a problem with the master cylinder.

Where could new tires for a Chrysler Sebring Convertible be purchased?

There are many places where new tires can be purchased for a Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Sears, Pepboys, Goodyear and Firestone companies all sell Chrysler Sebring Convertible tires.

What could be the problem if when you apply your brakes the car takes time to come to a stop?

The road surface could be slippery, your brake pads could be worn, your tyres could be worn, your brakes could be faulty.

Chrysler sebring convertible shakes when driving?

Have the tires Balanced. Then check alignment. If still shakes is it when your press the brakes? If so check the rotors and abs system. Or if it could also be the over drive if it is when shifting gears. Try running it with the over drive off.

Why do Brakes whine when pressed?

There are a few causes to whining brakes in a car. One reason could be that the caliper is out, and another could be that the pad is worn out.

What is the purpose of brakes?

THE PURPOSE IS THAT BRAKES COULD MAKE PEOPLE CRASH AND HAVE DIFFERENT ACSSEDENTS. there are bikes that have brakes too. it's not only cars.

Does a 2000 ford escort have 4 disk brakes?

It could have either drum brakes or disc brakes on the rear according to motorcraft . com

Sounds like brakes grinding but its not?

It's hard to diagnose without hearing the noise, but if you're sure that it is not the brakes, it could be dirt/sand/rock in the brakes. If you're hearing the sound all the time (even when not applying the brakes), it could be wheel bearings.

Your Chrysler sebring 1997 falters when driving what could be wrong?

Insufficient stamina.

Front brakes lock up Ford Tempo?

If one side of the brakes is locking then check the caliper. If both sides are locking up then there could be a master cylinder problem. The brakes could also lock up to compensate for the rear brakes not working properly.

How do you fix your brakes on a Peugeot 205?

i could go through it for you but you could go and buy a haynes manual that will tell and show you exactly how to overall your brakes

97 sebring loses power and stalls at low speed?

There could be a few reasons why a 1997 Chrysler Sebring loses power and stalls at a low speed. The thermostat could be bad, the battery cables could be lose, or a spark plug may need changed.

Could wd40 hurt or damage your cars brakes?

YES. Do not use any lubricants on your brakes. EVER.

What is the life span for brakes Chrysler sebring touring 2005?

It truly depends on the driver and the type of driving that is being done. Could be anywhere from 20,000 - 80,000 miles. A lot of stop and go traffic will wear them out quickly. Someone who does mainly highway driving will be on the higher side.

Could the starter relay on 1998 sebring be in the fuse box?

Yes it isYes it is

What would cause a Mazda 6 brakes to squeak?

If the brakes on a Mazda 6 are squeaking, it could be indicative of a problem. The brake pads could be incorrectly set.

What causes a low idle in a 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

There are a few things that can cause a low idle in a 2002 Chrysler Sebring. The fuel pump may not be working right, the fuel injectors could be old, or the car could be low on oil.

What system are brakes from?

brakes are the braking system It could be a part of the control system It has a hydraulic system in the braking system

Why do my brakes grind?

The brake pads could be worn out

2001 Chrysler sebring sluggish on take off?

this could be the cause of a bad toque converter

What is the cost of brakes for a car?

New brakes for a vehicle depends on the type of car that you have. The more expensive the car, then the more the brakes would cost. For front brakes on a less expensive vehicle could cost anywhere between $40-150. The back brakes are higher.