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YES, he does. not if you would have caught him in action, They can not come onto your private property, block him in call the police yes the recovery agent can enter your private property. read your contract. you gave him permission

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She does if your claim is corroborated by a GOOD witness. (One on your side) It depends: If you were in your neighbors driveway without their permission you were trespassing and you assume responsibility for any damages. However, If you were there with the neighbors permission and the daughter is 18+ then she is responsible for damages.

You can overlook your neighbors garden. You are not allowed to go in your neighbors garden physically without their permission.

The neighbors have little to zero relationships with each other. No one is allowed to travel from their district without permission from the capitol, and the capitol rarely gives permission, for fear of an uprising.

Nope... you can trim the branches that overhang your property - but you cannot fell the tree without permission as it's not on your property.

It could be deemed as trespassing, which is illegal.

You won't get a traffic ticket, but you can be cited for trespassing, and the property owner can have your car towed.

You have to use your own mailbox or pick up your mail at the post office.

Of course not! You have no right to do anything to a neighbor's yard or garden without their permission.

No, but you must make sure you did not knock down anything or spoil anything.

Technically no one is allowed on your property without your permission! Put a no trespassing sign up you can buy it at home depot for a few dollars. Than if it happens again you can have them arrested for trespassing.

Napping in church. Nuking a city. Necromancy. Neutering other people's pets without their permission. Neutering other people's husbands without permission. Not paying rent. Nailing your neighbors wife. Nauseating children.

Do NOT tolerate this criminal activity. Go to the police, NOW! She needs to be stopped before she does worse things and winds up in prison. PS, she is not, repeat, not your friend. Acquaintance, maybe, but not friend.

Technically in most states, you cannot enter his property without his permission. It is best to seek mediation or get the neighbor's permission before going on his property.

Technically, no, it would be trespass. They could be liable for any damages that were caused.

No, a repo man can enter your driveway but if the car is in a locked garage they do not have the right to enter without your permission. This rule applies to your home as well.

It is impossible to get neighbors without Facebook, sorry :(

No, unless it is your city and the trees are diseased or infested. my trees werent deseased or infested and they are no neighbors by myproperty

If you erect a large tent in your garden you should be able to work successfully at night without bothering with planning permission.

Of course you can. Your driveway is private property.

You can plant 3 to 10 feet away from the property line without the permission of your neighbors. Different cities and counties have different rules but generally it is illegal to plant directly on the property line unless your neighbors agree.

Pregnant without permission or marriage without permission? That's not very specific.

You can get engaged without parental permission, you just can't get married until you are 18 without their permission.

There are varying degrees of trespass. However, in its simplest form trespass is defined as any unlawful entry to property of another. A person who has unlawfully entered the property of another has no right to be on the property. A person who has a right to come onto the land may become a trespasser by committing wrongful acts after entry such as a person who entered with permission but then was asked to leave, or, a person who entered the property to attend a yard sale who then entered the house without permission.