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YES, he does. not if you would have caught him in action, They can not come onto your private property, block him in call the police yes the recovery agent can enter your private property. read your contract. you gave him permission

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Q: Your car was parked in your neighbor's driveway and the gate was open the repo man entered without permission and took it does he have the right to?
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What if you park at neighbors driveway and there daughter hits your parked car and she does not live there then who pays for the damages?

She does if your claim is corroborated by a GOOD witness. (One on your side) It depends: If you were in your neighbors driveway without their permission you were trespassing and you assume responsibility for any damages. However, If you were there with the neighbors permission and the daughter is 18+ then she is responsible for damages.

Are neighbors allowed on your property without your permission?


Can I overlook my neighbors garden?

You can overlook your neighbors garden. You are not allowed to go in your neighbors garden physically without their permission.

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has entered with permission or without permission ?

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not without his permission

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In Michigan a person cut down his neighbors trees without his permission?

Nope... you can trim the branches that overhang your property - but you cannot fell the tree without permission as it's not on your property.

Is it illegal for a stranger to park in your driveway?

It could be deemed as trespassing, which is illegal.

Can i get a ticket for parking in someone's driveway without their permission?

You won't get a traffic ticket, but you can be cited for trespassing, and the property owner can have your car towed.

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You have to use your own mailbox or pick up your mail at the post office.

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Of course not! You have no right to do anything to a neighbor's yard or garden without their permission.

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No, but you must make sure you did not knock down anything or spoil anything.

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