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She sounds like she may be brooding or getting ready to hatch eggs. Check to see if there are any eggs under her,if she has eggs and you do not want her to brood you must remove them.

The color of the feces (poo) is normal, white or green or a combination of both depends on what they have been eating.

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How can someone get a green roof started on their house?

Just start throwing dirt on it!

Which is correct go passed the chicken house or go past the chicken house?

Go past the chicken house.

When was House-Sitting Songs created?

House-Sitting Songs was created in 2009.

What animal lays small green eggs?

We have 6 chickens at my house, and one of them is the breed called an Amanaconda. It is a small chicken that acctually lays green eggs!

What are the names of house of chicken?

Chicken house or coop depending on design

Anyone sitting in a glass house shouldn't throw?


How much profit in owning one chicken house?

How much profit you will get in owning one chicken house will depend on the size and the number of chickens. It will take quite awhile before you will be able to make any profit, since it is costly to get started.

What is the name for chicken house?

chicken coop

What do you call in the house of chicken?

A chicken coop.

What type of house does a chicken need?

A chicken needs a chicken coop.

Why is the worlds climate warming?

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The French name for "chicken house" is "un poulailler" (masc.) in French.

A man called Mr Green had everything in his house green What colour was his house?

it was made out of glass... green house.. get it.?

Where does the polish chicken sleep?

the polish chicken sleeps in a pin house with more chicken.

What is a cage for poultry?

Chicken coop, henhouse, chicken house.

What is called the house of the chicken?

It is called 'coop' or 'chicken coop'.

Did Baba Yaga's house have goat legs frog legs chicken wings or chicken legs?

Baba Yaga's house have 2 chicken legs

When was The Green House created?

The Green House was created in 1966.

What is the house of the chicken?


What are house of chicken?


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a room a sitting room a kitchen

Is house-sitting a profitable business?

House-sitting can be very profitable for those who accept a long-term house sitting gig, and end up saving their rent or mortgage payment every month. We have had house sitters tell us that they have saved $20,000+ each year that they lived rent-free as a house sitter.

How long is a commercial chicken house?

normal deminsions of a commercial chicken house is 40 ft x 500 ft.

Can you kill a chicken at you house?

Yes, you can kill a chicken at your house, although i would suggest that you learn how to kill it first. it can get messy... :)

What is the setting for chicken boy?

his house his school and his granny house

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