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It's probably a bad fuse. Check your manual to locate the fuse box, it's usually on the driver's side, open the door and it should be on the left side of the dashboard. Open the fuse box and locate the fuse that says headlights. Take if off and check if it's blown off and replace it.

AnswerWe have a 2000 sunfire but the book(haynes manual) says same wiring diagram. Checked the fuse and that was ok. pulled the dim head lamp and inspected bulb plug was ok. diag shows the lights are wired to hot(12v) all the time and the light switch supplies a ground. With the light unplugged from socket ohmed out the three wires to ground. each time i switched the lights on and off and remeasured. this established which wire was ground. the other two wires are high and low beam hot(12v). the ground showed a good low ohms measure and was not the problem. checked the other two wires with the voltage measurment(could use a 12v test light here) and the low beams showed 4v. at the time didn't trace the wire far enough to find the problem(bad connection). i ran a bypass wire to the battery directly with an inline fuse (at radio shack - automotive section) it uses a 15 amp fuse. the lights worked ok then. i went about a week and my daughter was complaining that now the other head light was doing the same and that here daytime driv light indicator on the dash panal was flickering, then would get the maint light(not the check eng light). This time traced the wiring back further and found a large(15 pin) plug(under the battery tray)that had a hole ate through it from an earlier battery leak. I pulled one lead from the battery and unplugged the connector. it was completely croaded. tried to clean it up with bakeing soda and water but it was too far gone. checked with the dealer and they don't sell the pins for the connector(but they do have the plug cassing). To get to the plug need to remove the battery and air cleaner box. there should be enough room to do the job. Since the plug is not used for anything(looks like only during assembly) cut out the plug, one wire at a time(lableing wires) and respliced them(soidered). This eliminated the plug completely. All works fine now. You could cut a plug from a salvage car but it still needs the pins. It's a case like I've seen many times, the engineers that make these vehicles don't have to work on them in the field. You can bet if they did, cars would be more common since designed! Joseph
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Q: Your day time running lights on your 1999 sunfire arent working when you turn them on manually one is bright one is dull replaced drl relay and bulb on dim side high beam is the same?
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Is your headlight switch and blinker switch the same? If so, this is called the combination switch. Sounds like it is bad and needs to be replaced. Not uncommon for these to break.

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