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You need to talk to the guy that you like because it is the only way to know the whole trueth about that situation.

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Q: Your ex went and was texting the guy that you like and got him mad and now the guy you like went to his ex because your ex got him mad and you don't know if he's mad you?
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How can you make a guy like you but you dont know him?

Get to know him! Start out by getting his number and texting him. Hanging out as well. Sooner or later you will get to know him and you can start seeing if he will like you

What to say to a girl you like by sm's?

if you mean by SMS (texting), then there are two things, but in different situations: 1- if you want her to know that you like her, and have an interest in going out with her. DON'T TELL HER BY TEXTING a girl likes a guy who can ask you himself. 2- if you dont want her to know that you like her. texting someone is a good way to get to know someone. so just dont insult her or make her mad, and eventually you should get to situation #1.

Do you like texting?

yes i recomend it if u dont already have it.

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What does lyk mean in texting?


Is there like a fake texting thing where you pretend im texting someone but im not?

i dont think so because every time i text some one and they talk to me the next day we continue our conversation we left off from texting.

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How should start talking to a guy you dont even know but you think you might like him And what if you are shy?

Maybe you could get his number and start texting him then maybe at school you could bring up a conversation that you had texting.

Someone who you like is not texting back what does it mean?

they dont want to talk to you or they simply dont have there phone around them

What was the hittites economy like?

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Why don't boys tell you they like you?

because if you dont like them back, then they will feel bad. and if they know you like them back, but they still dont, meybe just because they are shy... or maybe they dont like you.

What to say if a guy asks if you like him and you just met?

if you like him just say that. The good track to love is saying only things that are true. if you dont like him then say "Sorry.. but i dont know you and.. i dont like you.. because i dont know you.. bye."

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