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Your falcon Eb uses a bit of fuel and the exhaust emission smells very rich how do you fix?

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Under the hood near the compliance plate on the passenger side,there will be a plastic thing with wires and a hose on it which go's down to the manifold,this hose might be cracked or not pushed on properly. Or it might be the oxygen sensor just down from the exhaust manifold,before the catilac converter(this may be faulty or something)

2007-05-22 11:53:25
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What is the purpose of an exhaust emmision system?

The exhaust emission system helps put out cleaner waste from the car. The system also uses information to help the engine run more fuel efficient.

How is obd1fuel systems just like obd2 fuel systems?

The OBD designation refers to the emission system. OBD 1 was a simple one O2 sensor system the only monitored the exhaust gases at one point. OBD2 is an emission system that monitors several points in the emissions and exhaust.

Can someone tell me why my 65 mustang's exhaust smells like gas and is abundant?

the air to fuel ratio mixture needs to be adjusted its running too rich.

Where is the fuel pump on an xg falcon?

xg falcon fuel pumps are in tank pumps therefore it will be in the tank

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump in a 2002 Nissan Altima?

The emission of the black smoke from the exhaust is one of the symptoms pf a bad fuel pump in a 2002 Nissan Altima. Failure of the cranks to fire is another bad symptoms of a bad fuel pump.

What would cause bad sputtering and fuel smell out of a 94 Grand Prix exhaust for 3 to 4 minutes after startup?

Smell the oil, if smells like some gas is in it. then it would be ur fuel pressure regulator.

How to calculate fuel efficiency from co2 emission?

You can't, with just the CO2 emission figure.

How do you remove exccess fuel in the exhaust system?

there should not be any fuel in the exhaust system, if there is, you have serious problems

How do you remove the emission control on 1998 Mazda millenia?

do not remove the emission control. you need that for fuel economy and does NOT effect performance. at wide open throttle the emissions control - o2 sensors, are not used it goes into open loop and the egr is closed. catalytic converters do not restrict the exhaust.

Your 1999 Yamaha blaster is floodingpetrol is coming out the exhaust?

A broken piston ring will allow fuel to enter the exhaust system. The fuel will drain out of the exhaust.

Why is hydrogen an 'emission free' fuel?

It is emission free because it only produces water

What is the exhaust gas composition of internal combustion engines?

3 major gasses (as checked in an emission test) hydrocarbons, Co. & Nox (oxides of nitrogen) In exhaust gas of diesel engines (at correct fuel mixture) there was 13.8% CO2 (carbon dioxide) and 84.5% N2 (nitrogen).

Will the egr valve cause no fuel pressure on 98 sable?

No. The EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculating) is part of the vehicle emission control system. It uses vacuum to open during engine deceleration allowing rich/unburnt exhaust gases to be recirculated back into the combustion cycle. Lack of fuel pressure is most likely caused by an inoperative/faulty fuel pump or plugged fuel filter. The pump is inside the fuel tank. The fuel filter is under the car near the fuel tank on the right hand side.

Is the fuel filter a part of the emission system?

Normaly it is called a part of the fuel system.

Why does an engine backfire in the exhaust?

Fuel is not being completley ignited in the ingnition chamber. Excess fuel flows through into the exhaust.

What causes backfire from exhaust pipe?

Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

What is secondary air injection system for 1996 Lincoln continental?

Is a part of the emission control systems, these systems provided oxygen to oxidize (burn) unburned and partially-burned fuel in the exhaust before its ejection from the tailpipe.

Is the egr valve a part of the emission system?

Yes it recirculates exhaust gases to reduce emissions but also helps improve mileage and performance under certain conditions since it warms the fuel, requiring less.

What are the functions ofengine inlet and exhaust manifolds?

Inlet manifolds are actually called intake manifold and this is to allow air to be injected into the fuel for either a rich or lean mixture for either performance or gas mileage (which can be adjusted). The Exhaust manifold is used to expel your burnt fuel, or air/fuel mixture, during the exhaust stroke on a 4-cycle engine to allow room for the intake stroke to bring in your fuel, or air/fuel mixture. The exhaust manifold simply directs the exhaust and become extremely hot. The exhaust is pushed out by the exhaust stroke.

What is the fuel consumption of a falcon jet?

Dassault produces a number of Falcon aircraft and the fuel consumption will depend on the size of the jet.For comparison the Falcon 7X can burn 318 gallons per hour, where the much lighter Falcon 10 will burn 212 gallons per hour.

What does the Millennium falcon use for fuel?

Hyperdrive coolant

You have a 1998 gmc jimmy and when you start my car it smells like gas really bad?

you have an ehaust leak some close to the engine conpartment its probly where the headders/exhaust manifold meets the y pipe/cross pipe. depending on how bad of shape the exhaust system is. it may be rusted out or it might be the exhaust gaskets. if its not the exhaust then you have a fuel leak somewhere in the system. if its caurberated cheek to see if there is a bad odor from uder the hood then run through the fuel lines and look for leaking. im goinna go with the exaust though.

What is the fuel consumption of a falcon 20 jet?

at cruise, Falcon 20s burn about 2,000 lbs per hour.

How the exhaust temperature of Heavy Diesel engine is Controlled?

The main reason for exhaust temprature is the problem with the injectors.the unburnt fuel from the combustion chamber flows to the exhaust manifold while engine works.This unburnt fuel burns in the exhaust manifold burns and causes high exhaust temprature.

What is the purpose of combustion noise sensor in car engine?

combustion noise sensor signal use To reduce the emission and improve the performance by changing the ignition timing. When the engine is accelerated the timing can change, you get a pinging noise. It senses that and adjusts the timing to compensate. They didn't have this in older engines without electronic ignitions and you had adjust the distributer to find a happy medium setting. It really imporves performance and power. Its not the same as an exhaust sensor that reads the unburnt fuel level and adjusts the fuel to lean out the mix. The exhaust sensor is more for the emission controls.