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I had this same problem and went crazy looking for a bad relay. Apparently there ISN'T a horn relay for the G-20. Probably you have one of two problems, frozen diaphragms in the horn units, or corroded contacts on their housings. For the diaphragms, take a regular hammer and give each horn a dozen firm taps - rattle them good and hard. Then try again. This is what worked for me this past weekend. For the contacts, take the connectors off (expect to lose a little skin doing it), and use a tiny wire brush to scrap the corrosion off the tab on the horn housing (both horns). One of those tiny mirrors on a flex stick helps you see what's going on - the tabs are brilliantly located in their most inaccessible orientation. Use a tiny screwdriver to scrap the metal contacts in the connectors a few times. Apply a TINY amount of dielectric grease to the tabs (it's not conductive, so don't get dumb about it) and put the connectors back on. If it isn't either of these, either no power is getting to the horn, or both horns are croaked. You can check the power situation by running a clip-on from the tab of either horn and touching the other end to the positive battery lead (make sure you're making good contact at both ends). If the horn beeps, then you probably have a broken wire or (less likely) the switches in the steering wheel are bad. If no beep, probably bad horns. Good luck!

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