Your iPhone doesnt have any of your old phones stuff and it doesnt have service?

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The iPhone or the iPhone 3Gs, has been getting a lot of complaints. It doesn't have good internet service, it gets locked if you try your password more than 10 times, plus that feature erases ALL YOUR PRECIOUS AND MEMORABLE PICTURES!!! Can you believe that? So the best thing to do is to go to the Apple Store or ATT&T store.

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You need to try Silica Gel Packets to dry out your phone. There was a good article on that explains how to dry a wet cell phone, iPods, or any electronics. You need to place your cell phone in a zip lock bag with Silica Gel Packets. Silica Gel will remove all the moisture from ( Full Answer )

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The iPhone does not work for nTelos due to nTelos uses a CDMA based system and the iPhone runs on GSM. Being that the two are diffrent platforms the phone would not transfer and there would be no data connections for the handset.

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you should probably restore your iPhone. Plug it in go in iTunes, click on your iPhone and press the restore button. THIS WIL ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR iPhone IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION ON IT THAT YOU NEED RIGHT CLICK YOUR IPHONE AND PRESS BACKUP BEFORE RESTORING. The backup may contain whatever is brea ( Full Answer )

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Can you fix iphone that doesnt charge or sync?

Yes. The iPhone seems like it just needs a new dock connector. This repair is not pricey whatsoever. Check out my profile to visit a credible iPhone repair business. Hope this helps!

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