Your landlord give you a three days eviction what do you do?

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Can you be evicted by someone other than your landlord?

In theory, no. Anyone "evicting" you would have to be an authorized agent of the landlord -- the only one with the power to repossess the premises... Under certain circumstances you could be evicted by the State/County and the landlord would have no say in the matter,such as if the Dwelling was dee ( Full Answer )

When is your landlord supposed to serve you an eviction notice?

a land lord can serve you at any time with an eviction notice fornon-payment of rent, vandalism, criminal acts and too many peopleand animals on his/her property. Normally they will give you 14 to30 days to vacate, be prepared for a judgement against you, thiswill arrive with a bailiff and or a memb ( Full Answer )

How long does a landlord have before he can evict you?

Normal eviction notices are issued 30 days in advance. But if certain situations warrant it, the landlord can evict giving only 3 days notice. After that, the landlord can call the local constables and have you arrested if you haven't vacated the premises. IF that happens, one could say bye-bye to a ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord harass or threaten you during an eviction?

(2009) In NY, a LL is never allowed to harass or threaten you for any reason. More specifically, in NY if a LL"harasses or threatens you for the purpose of trying to make you vacate the apartment" the LL can face a fine of up to $5000.00. Approximately one third of such harassment cases have resu ( Full Answer )

When a tenant is evicted and leaves personal property they have 30 days to claim the property Can a landlord then charge them for having to move and store the personal property before giving it bak?

You have to do everything in writing. I would send a certified letter or if not put an ad in a newspaper basically saying: you have 30 days to remove your property from said premises, failure to do so will result in all of your belongings being sold or discarded.. Why bother with paying storage. If ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord evict a tenant at the end of lease?

Well, it depends on what you mean by EVICT. To evict somebody means to take him to court for repossession of the property.. A landlord can choose not to renew a lease. If he elects that option then you must move before the end of the lease or face eviction. If you don't move you can be charged, in ( Full Answer )

How does a landlord evict a tenant in California?

In order for a Landlord to begin the eviction process, California law requires all persons residing in the property be served with a notice. If the tenant doesn't voluntarily move out after the landlord has properly given the required notice to the tenant, the landlord can evict the tenant. In order ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord enforce a three day notice?

Sure, if the landlord takes the proper steps: the Landlord must file eviction proceedings to continue the steps for removing the tenant, but he cannot take it upon himself to do so.

Can a landlord collect rent during an eviction?

Not if the eviction is for non-payment of rent. If he collects rent in this case he cannot proceed with the eviction. If the eviction is for other reasons this does not apply.

If you are given a 3-day eviction notice for something besides rent and rent is paid for the month can landlord keep the rent and deposit if you are not out in three days?

(2009) Housing regulations vary from State to State. However, in NY (and probably for the rest of the country), a landlord can not penalize you for not leaving in 3 days just because he wished for you to leave in 3 days. If your rent is paid up to April 30th then you can stay in the apartment unt ( Full Answer )

What are Reasons why a landlord can evict a tenant?

A landlord can evict a tenant for any reason he wants, except reasons that are retaliatory or discriminatory. The reasons can include, but not limit to:. Non-payment of rent. Property conversion or transfer of ownership. Violation of the terms of the lease, serious or repititious (two within the ( Full Answer )

What are landlords rights for evicting tenet?

Landlords can evict for a number of reasons, some commmon ones are: If the tennant fails to pay rent If the tennant damages the property If the tennant commits any criminal activity on site If the tennant creates a nuisance for other tennants (noise, smell, etc) If the tennat breaks any o ( Full Answer )

Can landlord evict for confronting about forecloser?

No. You have the right to ask questions about this matter as every tenant who faces the uncertainty of his landlord being under foreclosure. But remember: as long as the landlord has control of the property he can still collect rent from you and evict you if you don't pay it.

Can your Landlord evict your roommate when she knew he was there?

The answer depends on whether or not your roommate is allowed under the lease. Virtually all residential leases contain a clause that restricts who can live in the apartment. Does your lease contain such a clause? And if so, does it prohibit roommates (or people other than yourself) from living in t ( Full Answer )

Can your Landlord evict you if you have a roommate?

Yes , if having a roommate is in violation of your lease agreement stating that the lease is for a single occupant . You should be able to renegotiate the contract if you are in compliance with all the requirements of the leasing contract .

Can a landlord evict you without taking you to court?

No, only a judge can evict you. However, a landlord can ask you to leave at the end of your lease term. Or with 30 days' notice in a month-to-month scenario. If you still don't vacate, you will certainly find yourself in court.

How do you find landlords who accept evictions?

Not aware of any way to check for that. Generally that is a red flag when landlords see that on an application. But with the housing market being what it has been the last couple of years, some landlords may be willing to work with that now that may not have before. Good luck.

Why landlord cannot evict you?

a landlord can evict you for non-payment of rent or being consistantly late paying,,, disruptive behaviour, drug abuse, loud noise after 11pm, filthy premises, and too many people living there, these are the main reasons for an eviction. Another reason although not a common one is when the landlord ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord evict a tenant for loud music?

Yes, indeed. The landlord is responsible for the other tenants"quiet enjoyment" (legal term) of their apartments. Also, mostleases contain clauses that require you obey the laws of the townwhere you are located. Most towns have noise ordinances, so aneviction is probably taking it easy on you. They ( Full Answer )

Can your landlord evict you if his house is under foreclosure?

Yes. Until the actual foreclosure sale happens, he owns it. I'm not sure what you really mean by 'under foreclosure', anyway. That could be any stage of the process, and you can't be sure that the sale will really happen.

Does your landlord have to take you to court to evict you?

It depends on which state you live in but normally no if your lease has expired. If you are on a month to month lease and you have provided notice that you were leaving or you landlord notified you that he or she does not wish to renew the lease than the tenant must leggaly leave or be charged for a ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord evict a tenant without a reason?

If the landlord and tenant have a binding lease together then the landlord cannot evict the tenant without a valid reason, that being the violation of the terms of the lease, which may include, but not limited to, nonpayment of rent. If the landlord no longer wants the tenant living in this property ( Full Answer )

How much notice does a landlord have to give before evicting tenants?

This is dependant upon the contract you signed when you agreed to rent the property. Most state a 'reasonable' amount of time, however it is often at the landlords discretion. However, in normal circumstance and depending on the country you live in its usual to give one month

Can a landlord verbally evict you on the phone?

Yes they can. But it cannot be enforced in that manner. To evict you, the landlord must follow proper written procedures. Sure, a landlord can call you by telephone and ask you to leave. But it's up to the tenant to decide whether to move out or to stay and let the landlord force you to move out. Bu ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord evict me if he owes me 20000?

Yes he can. The fact that he owes you $20,000 doesn't mean you don't owe you one rent. If you want to force your landlord to pay you the $20,000 then you will have to sue in court.

Can a landlord remove a eviction notice?

If you mean can the landlord remove an eviction notice he put up, it depends on the circumstances. If there is a legal requirement to post it and leave it, he won't be taking it down because he would ruin his case by doing so. If the required period of action (let's say 3 days) has passed and the te ( Full Answer )

How does a landlord evict a tenant in virginia?

You need to either speak to an eviction service or a lawyer. You do not want to get this wrong because US courts are very protective of tenants in these circumstances.

Can your landlord threaten to evict you for any reason?

Yes, a landlord can threaten to evict you for any reason. Whether he can evict you is another issue. Basically, if you are not abiding by the terms agreed thereto on the lease then you can be evicted. However, you cannot be evicted for retaliatory reasons, such as because you asserted your rights as ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord keep your possessions after an eviction?

How a landlord deals with your possessions vary from state to state in terms of law. In Florida, for example, your landlord can keep your possessions, while in South Carolina, your possessions must be moved to a curbside where you would have access to them to remove them. If the property remains the ( Full Answer )