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Your new employer wants you to sign a no-compete document is this legal?

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Q: Your new employer wants you to sign a no-compete document is this legal?
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Is it legal for an employer to insist for an employee's resignation?

No but if the employer wants a resignation, surely they should just fire them?

What is an affidavit of adverse possession?

An Affidavit of Adverse Possession is a legal document that is filed when a person finds an abandoned property (house) and wants to move into it.

What can employer provide for verification of employment for terminated employee?

As little or as much as the employer wants, as long as there are no falsehoods.

What is the most useful GCSE?

The one your potential employer wants.

Which of these statements about an emloyees relationship with an employer is false?

>if an empoyee wants to he or she can ignore and escape the presence and influece of the employer while at the workplace<

Can a previous employer discuss work ethic puncuality insubordination and other numerous things to an interested employer?

yes, they can when the interested employer wants to know all about his perspective new employee

Can the employer authorised to deduct 50 percent of gratuity on the request of the destitude wife of the employee?

The destitute wife should contact the employer if she wants this to be done and ask the employer if it possible to do this IF she does request to do it.

What relationship between the employer and employee is expressed in one of the Simple Truths?

both the employer and emplyee have something to offer that the other one wants

What to do when your Employer has not paid us but wants us to keep working?

go on strike

What time do welders have to wake up?

Depends on what time your employer wants you to be at work.

Why is appearance important to employers?

Employees represent the company / employer and if it is a service industry or customer facing then the employer wants the business to look controlled and professional

Your employer wants all employees to provide a Safety Guarantee to all other employees Are there legal implications?

There are no legal implications to providing a "safety guarantee" to all co-employees, because Workers' Compensation laws establish a no-fault coverage in the workplace, except for cases of grossly intentional misconduct.

How much do you get paid to walk a dog?

Its subjective. It depends how much your employer wants to pay you.

What are some things that every employer wants to see in a cover page?

volunteer work

Short horizontal line that indicates end of document?

what ever it wants to be

What is meant by an employer has the right toplace restrictions and demands on an employee?

The employer has certain rights, like requiring you to wear a uniform, or prohibiting you from listening to the radio while at work, and you can take a job with that employer or not, your choice. If your employer wants you to travel and you do not want to travel, then do not take that job.

Who would perform Euthanasia if it does become legal in this country?

whoever wants to kill and wants to be regretful about it

If you are off sick for 1 day for example does your employer have the right to insist on a doctor's note?

Your employer can do anything he/she wants, unless you are protected by a union contract or other contract.

What to do about some one WHO wants money for my LEGAL documents that they have?

What to do about someone who demanding money for my legal documents

Can an employer force you to pay for a business phone bill?

no he cant unless he wants to remeburse u

Which of these describes one way a customer and employer are the same?

-Both have a list of particular needs and wants .

What does an employer consider a clean driving record?

Whatever he wants to consider a clean driving record.

Is it legal in a public business to say you can not swear?

yes because it is still a business that wants to uphold its standardsAdded: Your so-called 'freedom of speech' does not extend to your worklplace. Your actions AND your language can be controlled by your employer while you are on their premises, or otherwise representing them.

Can an employer offer to pay Medicare and Medicare Supplement premiums of the Medicare eligible employees and dependents if the employee wants to move off of the employer sponsored group health plan?


Will an employer hire someone with a suspended drivers license in NJ?

It depends on the employer and the type of work being performed. If the employer is looking for someone who obeys the law and is respectful of others, you might not be hired with a suspended license. If the employer just wants a warm body to fill a job, you might be ok.